Okay this game already rules. It also lets you freely mix and match appearances and voices without locking anything to any gender. “Other” was the default option.

(The game is Tokyo Afterschool Summoners.) cybre.space/media/s5R5GCLuH7sr cybre.space/media/BZ6M3DpQ5w31


Important Tokyo Afterschool Summoners note: the game’s definitely targeted at the queer community as a whole but the marketing shows mainly bara men targeted at gay men. Which is fine but I was worried the female characters targeted at lesbians wouldn’t be so good. I AM VERY HAPPY I WAS WRONG.

@SuperCee It’s F2P so pretty low friction to get started! Unfortunately it’s a gatcha game so actually getting a specific character you want is… kinda hard

@oolongstains dangit. And only one girl to choose from to play as? I would have loved a chubby girl to pick! But it definitely seems aimed at bara by the looks of the store!

@SuperCee Yeah, the drawable characters are like 90% bara. So mostly not my scene. I’m glad they let you mix and match character appearances and voices as you want though, and mark any combination as any gender.

@oolongstains I love that! Scope definitely means they can't reach everyone, but I'm glad they did what they can and still aimed at a gay community at all! I'll just have to make my own lesbian game lol.

@QuestForTori SHE SURE IS

It’s still very heavily focused on the big muscular guys though and the nature of being a gatcha game means actually getting a character you want takes plenty of money, lol

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