Here’s another classic “falsehoods programmers believe about names” - ScienceDirect has trouble with Akihito, a publishing scientist, who has only one name.

@oolongstains "computers and machine learning will not solve our problems on their own, they will simply continue to perpetuate our ingrained societal beliefs and assumptions"

@lain @oolongstains >edge case
>first name is undefined

"My name is not important"


TIL that:

*Japan still has a person who holds the title of "Emperor".
*Said person is an Icthyologist.

@OchotonidKnight And the emperor is about to step down, so a new imperial era is about to start! Which has been causing serious problems for programmers, because it means a change in the timekeeping system *and* a new era name which hasn’t been announced yet and hence can’t be added to Unicode yet.

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