Furthering my reputation as the #1 Durga fangirl, I commissioned this amazing picture from @tenderfern@twitter.com!

(Character from the mobile game Tokyo Afterschool Summoners.)

Some interesting details on the EASA’s approval process for the 737-MAX: bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

Sounds like trust in the FAA has been seriously shaken and the EASA is taking a really strong approach here.

Thinking of becoming a Fre3zer/Basidia truther

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Sequel to Galaxy Express 999 that’s about a space bus

Going to Dr. DOS to get diagnoses for all my computer problems

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you know what else had a crank controller? that's right

the dreamcast

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Yesterday I mentioned the beauty of knowing you can make sites in pink/purple. Did you know that Internet Girlfriend already does that? internetgirlfriend.club/

Deeply wishing I’d subscribed to Sega Channel back in the day

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