This is the kind of thing I’ve only experienced in Australia…

Spotted Dargo the dingo hopping down from a rock during the keeper talk!

This is for sure among most self-indulgent things I’ve ever commissioned but I can’t be apologetic about it (amazing art by!!)

Apple’s dictionary doesn’t have “ketubah”???

Proposal: CPU that randomly turns on and shuts off cores at runtime to keep multithreaded software on its toes

Petition for every online store to be required to have its own catchy theme like the Wii Shop Channel

Ever just think about how amazing the Bayonetta After Burner theme is?

Update: it turns out the Breath of Fire III PC port is very real. Ported by Dysin Interactive Corp., published by Acer in Taiwan and Ubisoft in China.

Does anyone have the backstory behind how Compile became involved with the Act Against AIDS charity? I’d love to know!

Searching for it doesn’t exactly help, since the results are just forum posts of gamers making homophobic jokes.

Somehow only *just* now found out that macOS has a builtin simplified/traditional Chinese converter. It’s really useful!

I know I’m the world’s only Asuka 120% fan but it has such good music…

Has anyone had any luck with using Mac internet sharing to get a DS Lite online recently? Especially if you’ve shared an internet connection from an iPhone, and/or used altwfc.

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Just casually blowing Jessica’s mind by mentioning the time Ubisoft* released a game console

* sort of

Met a local celebrity! This is Splash, a tattoo shop dog, who has his own mural. He’s not much of a guard dog since he greets people by sniffing and wagging his tail.

You ever think about how the most iconic scene in Streets of Rage according to social media is a scene which literally does not appear in the game

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