me: Sonic 2 had the messiest development, I’m sure Sonic 3 won’t have so much to get excited over
also me, watching the Sonic 3 prototype stream and losing my shit: oh my god oh my god???

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one thing that I've observed from writing #rust and learning to live peacefully with the borrow checker is that doing something once (often can move ownership) is sometimes far easier than doing the same thing twice (usually requires borrows, etc.)

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Just had a couple really great runs in Dodonpachi Saidaioujou! Almost beat my high score. My second run I scored a lot lower... because I went without getting hit for longer, and apparently in 360 mode I forget to hyper if I’m not doing it for health. Need to get better at that.

In case you never heard about it -Strelka Stories was going to be an adventure game set in an alternate universe at the dawn of the era of spaceflight. The concept art they showed was gorgeous. It takes place in the same world as Tail Concerto and Solatorobo.

Wow, I’m surprised CC2 actually talked about Strelka Stories! It’s been a decade since it was announced and we’ve never heard anything about it since. Hearing that development is suspended makes sense - just, nice to hear something after all these years.

Making a mod for Death Stranding where Norman drinks cans of Boss coffee

Feeling like my next game should feature a shareware “please register” screen complete with custom music

Melty Blood is a true gift to cosplayers because you can put together a costume with $20 and 10 minutes in a Uniqlo.

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Wondering if I should have brought home a cheap bottle of Kakubin to make highballs at home.

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