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Reminder to those following me here - is shutting down soon, and I’m consolidating my Mastodon over at

Reminder to those following me here - is shutting down soon, and I’m consolidating my Mastodon over at

I’m glad there’s time to make a decision, but I really don’t think I can bothered researching mastodon instances to create a new personal account at this point.

My digital preservation focused account is still up at though.

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lol at an NFT account following me. You picked the wrong social media network for that buddy users: apologies, we’re seeing issues loading timelines since upgrading to 3.1.0. I’m looking into it but it may take me awhile.

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I wrote about stumbling upon a copy of Dreamcast multimedia email software DreamFlyer for $1, learning about the PinkRabbit family of software it’s based on and compatible with, and liberating the computer versions from time bomb code. Hope you enjoy!

Jessica’s playing a Dreamcast golf game, and it has the most “Sonic Adventure” feeling music? It’s incredible.

Gofundme collected a set of verified fundraisers to help those affected baby the Atlanta shootings:

The New York Times (Budcat Creations/Majesco, Nintendo DS, 2007)

Had a dream that it turned out the “original” mode in Cotton Reboot was actually a Saturn emulator, and they had secretly ported the original Cotton to Saturn just for that(???)

Thank you Google for this relevant and timely information

Is image uploading failing on for anyone else?

I keep seeing people spreading the Road Rash 4 screenshots that are quoting Anatole France and Balzac, and, like. Was this a secretly subversive game or did some programmer just slip in quotes they liked

This is a long shot, but anyone out there with a metallic pink DS Lite stylus they’d be willing to part with? I have the DS, I’m just missing the stylus.

Wow, Sakaguchi’s new game looks gorgeous. It’s built using real-world dioramas that have been digitized, and the whole thing really does look like a set of miniatures.

Holy shit, Micro Cabin are still around? I thought they were one of those companies that had gone under in the late 90s or early 2000s. Looks like they only do pachinko now, not sure if they still own their back catalogue.

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