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Exciting announcement from G-mode: the original Hero Must Die is being ported to Switch on October 1 in Japan! The 3D remake has been available internationally for awhile, but the 2D original has been unplayable since feature phone services shut down. gmodecorp.com/gmodearchives/he

It’s an experimental RPG where you play as a hero who’s already been killed at the end of his quest. An angel takes pity on him and gives him five more days to finish his affairs; the game has you playing within that time limit to do what you think is best.

There really is no game I need more in the world right now than An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs store.steampowered.com/app/124

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its 100% OKAY to not know every single breaking news detail

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"Accidental hipsters": a new book showcases the street fashion of seniors in Chinatowns across North America.

> “We were just enamored by these grandmas and grandpas we saw on the street,” [co-author Valerie] Luu said.
> “It would be like a patchwork of different textures, colours and fabrics — sometimes three florals at once or six shades of pink. We were like, ‘Who are they?’



Underreported detail of M2’s new Aleste compilation for PS4/Switch: looks like Amazon accidentally leaked that it’ll include a brand new “GG Aleste 3”, a newly developed sequel actually developed for the Game Gear. May be what M2 plan to announce next week. amazon.co.jp/dp/B08JBG8CCD

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a common metric you might see when car shopping is "HP". this stands for "hit points", and stands for the amount of damage the engine can sustain before it falls unconscious.

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Excited Square announced Final Fantasy Versus XV

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Discovered that a Shuji Terayama CD-ROM I bought comes with a Hypercard reproduction of a tarot deck he created with artist Nanami Utsuki. Features the full deck, with descriptions of the unique cards, and tarot-dealing mode.

Aside from the traditional tarot cards, it has a variety of unique cards with themes as out there as Criminal Business Association, Telephone Skills, and Artificial Eye Engineering.

Wow, someone’s actually come up with a technique to fix the horrible smearing that shows up on most SNESes. Takes a hardware mod, bu the results look great. shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.

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