Theresa Duncan’s games are wonderful and everyone should play them

I challenge you to come up with a more compelling one-sentence pitch for a game

Needless to say I love the hell out of this game and I think everyone should play it.

There’s also an entire in-game art gallery that lets you wander the halls and look at every painting.

The TV studio lets you watch an entire cooking show, complete with recipes presented step-by-step.

Highlights include this scene from the Psy・S Museum where the player controls the in-game computer by clicking and dragging the mouse or clicking on its button. Choosing an album morphs the Mac into a music box that plays lullaby medleys of Psy・S albums.

The Seven Colors, an early multimedia CD-ROM game by Parappa creator Masaya Matsuura! It’s beautiful, incredibly charming, and basically an utter delight beginning to end.

“That’s why we’re deleting your photos.”

Upgrading an OS is always a question of tradeoffs - what do you get vs what do you have to pay. This is the first time for me that what I get will be *dramatically* outweighed by what I’ll lose, and I don’t even know what features 10.15 would have yet.

Maybe virtualization will get good enough for graphics stuff that it’ll be an acceptable replacement, but that would be a HUGE pain. And Apple don’t seem to be going out of their way to provide a solution.

Took a look at my personal Mac’s list of 32-bit apps for the coming macOS 10.15 appocalypse, and something like 40% of the apps on my machine are 32-bit only. That includes Steam and a huge number of games released as recently as this year. 10.14 might have to be my last macOS.

Just found out that the Science Museum in the UK holds a signed copy of Masaya Matsuura’s game Tunin’ Glue in its permanent collection!

It really is nice of the Game Awards to have an indie games category so that true gamer’s don’t have to worry about any of those icky cheap games infiltrating the real awards

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IMO Leftists should shift the argument from being about "Big Government" to "Thicc Government". We can win on those terms for sure.

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Does anyone know if there’s a way to get mixed-mode data/audio CDs to mount right in OS X for use with the Classic Environment? Game I’m trying to use can’t recognize its audio.

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sext: you participate in math and economics clubs...i become well versed in calculus and statistics

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