**Mastodon Lawyers Tell Trump Social Network to Make Source Code Public**

"Mastodon said it sent a formal letter to 'Truth Social' after media reports found the site was using Mastodon's codebase while not respecting a part of its software license."


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my favorite evidence of the existence of god is the fact that richard dawkins invented a word that meant “idea, as an entity subject to selective pressure” and now everyone knows it and uses it to mean “picture with words on it”

i would never waste my time and energy on 'video games'. as i am far too busy inhaling fumes and convincing myself the stock market is my mother

I was like, *slaps roof of dog*, this good boy can fit so much piss in him

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me, living by the sword: hell yeah haha hell fuckin yeah
me, dying by the sword: what the fuck

Never forget how Oxford wanted to open source their vaccine but the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation stepped in and AstraZeneca got exclusive rights. khn.org/news/rather-than-give-

if you're still in line to vote for Biden, STAY PUT!!!!


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