a somewhat troubling idea that's been bouncing around in my head since I first looked up tulpamancy techniques stuff is, if someone tried to figure out how to make a tulpa like the christian god, they might end up with something like what the "emphasises direct personal experience of God" churches do, in terms of contemplation, focused & frequent prayer, community reinforcement, etc.

(disclaimer: I don't know what they actually do in those types of churches)

it'd be kinda fuzzy and indistinct probably, but would carry the feel of communing/communicating with something "other". probably only in a small fraction of the people who take it most seriously & are most flexible/suggestible in that way, but like. still.

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@NTResponder maybe? I'm thinking along the lines of "you pray to god and get a response" rather than something new-agey but "god tulpa" sounds like something I'd want to read about

tbh my "research" into the thing has been fairly shallow, b/c the sources I found (mostly forum posts) either didn't seem all that high quality or had a bunch of dead links

@octopus no idea about it, but i'm guessing the median tulpa experience can be narrativized as talking to a god

@octopus the Church of the SubGenius has a technique that mitigates this theo-hazard. The Short Duration Personal Savior (ShorDurPerSav) is a means to commit fully to any devotion, then add to it or cast it out. A SubGenius will therefore believe every part of every religion, and every Conspiracy, over time.

This is super paridigm mixy, but basicly this is a classic problem in kabbalah. The structures that are left when divinity ceases to inhabit them are described by the Qliphoth.

This is the human component of faith, the structure of god within the emanation body devoid of its divine nature. Which... There are various opinions about the utility of exploring such things. :P

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