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you can't just put 50 blocked tickets on a kanban board and say you're agile*

*actually you can and that's in a nutshell why agile is shit

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t-shirt with a gay pride DNA helix and the text:

I Contribute To My Cousins' Evolutionary Success

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I try to end my days on a positive note which is why I always stay awake past midnight

how many people who do not speak german know this video, and how many people who do speak german do not?

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it's frustrating too that whenever this kind of thing happens, people think I'm being obstinate / difficult / "overly literal" on purpose and I'm, not? I put a lot of effort into figuring out what to do when instructions vague or absent. I'm actually not that awful at it, but people expect you to be *perfect* even when they don't provide even minimal instructions (or different instructions, or instructions that are obviously false…)

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afterwards dad asked why I didn't just tell him I was waiting for my dad and I said "He didn't ask." Which is true but my dad took it to mean that I was being difficult on purpose.

Thinking more now it wasn't just that the guy didn't ask, it was that he was driving the conversation and displayed zero curiosity, zero interest in new information and zero willingness to consider that he might be missing something. He was creating something other than a collaborative dynamic. He didn't seem to want know anything, he just wanted me to not be an edge case.

I checked afterward and you don't need a membership to fill prescriptions or get an eye exam, at least in Ohio.

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frustrating interaction 2 of 2 // 

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frustrating interaction 1 of 2 // 

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frustrating interaction context // 

massaged my neck enough that I can turn my head enough to see behind me & to the left while driving! still not full range of motion though

discovered that I am extremely opposed to a "video interview" (not over video link – pre-recorded)

*especially* with the body language being rated by an AI

spent the last week or so orbiting around (on particular guy's) understanding of buddhism & not accomplishing the goal of "plays an instance of this video game to completion instead of quitting 1/3rd in"

as opposed to: looking for, appliying for, or following up on jobs

there was a brief discussion on "spiritual but not religious" here (I think kicked off by @shel?) not too long ago

this article makes sense to me:

but possibly only because I read this one first: (by the same author)

(hello yes I'm staying up late reading david chapman again)

encountered an amazing take on western import of hindu/buddhism spirituality: it's almost all bullshit (in that westerners don't take it seriously enough to work) β€”butβ€” is still a good thing because it builds westerners up for their next life & after a few go-rounds they should be reborn as people who do have the ability to take it seriously

it'd be kinda fuzzy and indistinct probably, but would carry the feel of communing/communicating with something "other". probably only in a small fraction of the people who take it most seriously & are most flexible/suggestible in that way, but like. still.

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a somewhat troubling idea that's been bouncing around in my head since I first looked up tulpamancy techniques stuff is, if someone tried to figure out how to make a tulpa like the christian god, they might end up with something like what the "emphasises direct personal experience of God" churches do, in terms of contemplation, focused & frequent prayer, community reinforcement, etc.

(disclaimer: I don't know what they actually do in those types of churches)

my last wiki dive ( ) from the other day also ended in sewage treatment stuffs so that's kinda neat

long wikipedia excerpt, Ryukuan religion maybe related to ptsd? // 

(I know literally nothing about this except what's in the WP article, the scope or broader impact on the city is unclear. But the poatwar Japanese gov't did create the city & named it after the religion founded when it was a rural area [because the followers all moved there b/c that's where the founder was born] so I assume it's not nothing)

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this thing is interesting (partially because it's kinda like a massive intentional community?) but I'm particularly interested in this WP passage:

> refers to the ongoing construction as a "medium that combats decontextualization"

b/c they're literally building, like with modern architecture and urban planning, the fulfillment of one of their founder's prophecies. So it's a set of useful day-to-day structures that *cannot* be divorced from the spiritual origins.

so @Ivafakename posted a poll with "historical romance set in the now time" i.e. with historical misconceptions that future people will have of us & oops got nerd sniped following links from the World Religions wikipedia page, particularly the "medium religions" chart

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