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you can't just put 50 blocked tickets on a kanban board and say you're agile*

*actually you can and that's in a nutshell why agile is shit

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t-shirt with a gay pride DNA helix and the text:

I Contribute To My Cousins' Evolutionary Success

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I try to end my days on a positive note which is why I always stay awake past midnight

Fun Fact: Many bird species produce milk similar to mammals! Pigeon milk is known to be especially nutritious for birds.

*wiggles all tentacles then curls up for add'l sleeps*

wonder what life is like for people who don't need all their PTO for scheduled doctor appointments & unscheduled illnesses

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(*not actually true, they have the "wake up in the morning and get out of bed" gear)

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octopus backstory // 

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I'd need to double check but I think my gw2 account predates me ever getting laid off from a job? (but probably not before I started disintegrating from stress / burnout / sleep disorder / arthritis at that job)

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I sort of accidentally-on-purpose re-ignited a gw2 special interest, at exactly the time I need to be focused on job/career stuff

"2020 is bad" // 

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very bad things happening at scale // 

I'm pretty sure if you deny humans timely feedback (aka "instant gratification") past a certain point, you just break their motivational systems & condition them to never take actions, ever

(is that burnout?)

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like, oh, you show up to work and immediately receive feedback from friendly coworkers who appreciate your presence? yes, tell me more about how being willing to work years without positive reinforcement is the key skill Kids These Days are missing.

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I know people talk about accepting "delayed gratification" as an adult trait and demanding "instant gratification" as a childish one

& in the sense of learning to work in broader time horizons, sure

but in a bigger sense I'm pretty sure that's BS and an awful lot of the people who harp on it can do so *because* they're sufficiently supplied with short-term gratification

misandry is good, susuay.

but if your gender analysis comes *implicitly* from the place of Men Bad Maleness Evil, well, that's where lots of mutually-conflicting flavors of shitty takes come from.

patriarchy *already asserts* the idea that men are underdeveloped, cruel, and violent. subconsciously taking as an axiom that Men are Bad, Maleness is Evil often leads, paradoxically, to making excuses for the bad behavior of cis straight white men, and redirecting your anger at misogyny into... misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, or racism, to name a few.

Men Bad β†’ why did you trust that man in the first place? β†’ sexist victim-blaming

Men Bad, Maleness Evil→ same as straight men, so misogynistic they prefer to fuck men → homophobia

Maleness Evil β†’ trans women are women, but male β†’ Atone For Your Ineradicable Male Taint β†’ transmisogyny

Men Bad β†’ why would you transition to male? β†’ trans men are traitors β†’ transphobia

we need to moralize gender less

yeah this is either a bug in windows, git, or both

I have two windows computers, both mounting our network drive as Z: . Each computer has a git repository on its local hard drive, with the remote "origin" pointing to the same bare repository on the shared Z: drive.

Pushing to "origin" (the Z drive) from either computer breaks the ability to fetch from "origin" on the other computer, with the error message "refs/heads/master does not point to a valid object" (but the file refs/heads/master contains the ID of the latest commit, which seems right?)

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how about: masto never autoscrolling a column when the cursor is in it. that's definitely a thing u can do

Trans Positivity πŸ€— 🌈 

trying to come up with an excuse to refer to my it/its friends in the 3rd person to validate them

wait shit

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