Back from my social media break to ask a question re: python domains/categories/learning zones/idk what to call them.

I'm organizing my big python-project website and I want to go "hard in the python" as kids say these days.

So, I'm going to learn a little bit about a bunch of things, blog about it on Garrett.Life, and then figure out where I want to go from there.

We're not talking about me becoming an expert in any one thing.

I'm just learning a little of each to see what I like.



I'm interested in this! I've taught beginner coding for several years so I have working knowledge of the basics in many of these domains, I'm happy to point you to my favorites (but I certainly don't have comprehensive knowledge).

Also, my favorite term for the "domains" you've referenced is "territories"--a la Deleuze & Guattari/rhizomatic learning

@octojon Thanks Octojon; I'll take all the help I can get :)

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