It makes me even more excited for Picotron to get a release in the next year or so.

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I'm still a huge PICO-8 stan, of course, but TIC-80 is 1) free, 2) offers a lot of great extensibility if you do buy a license, 3) self-contained, 4) small and fast, 5?!) runs in the browser if you still insist on only giving your students computers built for web surveillance

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Hey if you're a teacher teaching game design and you're not using TIC-80 gimme a call I've got a whole soapbox for you

Successfully implemented isometric projection in -80 today. This is probably a small feat for some, but my math skills are... not strong so I feel very good about it.

Soup #1 was an excellent cheesy potato soup, accompanied by Bread #3 in bowl-form. Today's soup, #2, is a spicy(ish) black bean soup. Note to self: get better peppers next time

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This weekend was also the Weekend of Soups which began with making enough stock to fill this very large 24 quart stockpot.

Thus ends the bread-a-thon, four breads enter and three breads emerge. I had not made bread before this past weekend, and I'm very pleased that I made very imperfect versions of things humans have been making for longer than we have records for.

Bread #4 (foccacia) turned out great. Sadly not all of it lasted long enough to appear in the photo

Tons of "traversal" and "terrain" discourse in a VA state educator conference's presentation titles. Probably more than half reference this heuristic... Is this a zeitgeist or am I just more sensitive to it right now after being immersed in rhizomatic learning for a while?

Bread #2 is a misshapen wart, I shan't inflict upon you it's unholy image

Bread #1 was modestly successful. It's just normal straight-up white bread

Today was the first day since before the pandemic when I felt like myself enough to cook things, but now I have gone overboard and committed to three different breads over the next 24 hours, help

gamification, education 

"Gamifying" education is absolutely fraught and I'll never understand why people see it as such a powerful tool. Consider Monopoly, a board game designed by people interested in having people explore how capitalism and property ownership create inequality. Fast forward several decades and the game has a dozen versions and is owned by an exploitative mega-corporation using the game to endorse consumerism.

I guess the point is that no one who makes a didactic game can pretend to have control over how people use that game, or what they take away from it.

Being a musician, TRPG hobbyist, and teacher online means that you get to read about how guitar pedals, big words, and social studies are "fascist" all in the same week or so

Weird little computers not letting me boot from USB <<<<<< (I'm definitely doing something wrong)

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Whoops @neauoire my partner and I accidentally acquired an 18th century style upright harpsichord with robotic electromagnetic hammers and unleashed Orca on it

My neighbors have a red version of this boi and I can't stop thinking about what if electric

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