I think it's time for my program to stop being One Big Javascript File

Ooookay. Looks like I should look harder into cycles after all

Reading blog.zdsmith.com/posts/digital makes me makes me want to make an acme theme for emacs. I need to figure out how to create color themes for emacs in the first place though

It's producing garbage that doesn't make sense, but it feels better :)

Now to figure out how video input works


The list of instructions ran is getting long, and the addresses it's in are making sense. Progress is nice :)

I ret'd to a two digit address. That doesn't sound right...

Figured out what the issue was! It was a waterfall of poor data integrity stemming from the fact that I was not calculating which value store into for ld.

I personally blame that on being super tired that day. The next thing I really need to fix is making my values actual unsigned bytes

Just landed on an undefined opcode. Did I fuck up? Were the Link's Awakening developers doing something funky? Who knows

I totally forgot to add a bunch of logic to jp instructions.

imo it's been a lot easier to implement all possible functionality of the instruction at once, as opposed to having it change opcode by opcode.

ret wasn't too bad :)
the next opcode is add, which looks like it might be trickier

Maybe time to do some polishing on my project?

I think ld is definitely the hardest opcode, after doing that a lot of the other one's i've been implementing went by pretty fast.

And with that, ld is "done". The code I wrote to cover all the cases is complete garbage and is almost certainly going to require fixes, but in theory it's done. There's only one weird issue I have where I seem to be having a noop. Maybe it's intentional?


Obricon relayed

@EdS @vertigo @solderpunk @vfrmedia I wrote a z80 emulator a while ago that choses readability over performance, I think it's a good resource to study the CPU:


It's been used as the basis of other emulators, too.

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