Hurray! I received new strap for my Oculus Quest and box for carrying) I'm so happy!
Upd. Strap unbelievably comfortable! And special fan keep lens without fog in expert charts of beatsaber.

In this year Guilty Crown turns 10 years from its release. This is one of my favorites anime series ever, despite that some people can think it's ambiguous. This anime have best OST of that I heard. Thanks to ryo from supercell and EGOIST band for their great work! 10 years passed... time flows so fast.

Scipop TV show, that all Russian and Ukrainian children loved in 10's - Galileo was closed many years ago. And when CTC channel tried restart it, their attempt failed without very charismatic showman Alexander Pushnoi.
But today I find a new show with Alex - rubric of old Galileo - Experimets.

So long time I didn’t hear this song, and now I suddenly find it on YouTube. First time I heard it was when vessel that I work on stayed in China for repair. After few years of not listening to vocaloids I returned to this.
So nostalgic!

Extremely interesting project - MiniITX motherboard for Raspberry Pi.
It's adding to the computer many ports, also for SSD, and PCI-e lines.
But many hardware not working well (especially video adapters). And price also very high - $435!

Katsu relayed

Year ago this song made me mad, I did my best, to pass it.
Now I barely pass it, but without any troubles.

Tried to stream from PSVita to youtube.
Pros: it's works at all!
Cons: the only realization of streaming protocol. Console plugged to PC like a web-camera, but without audio. So this one recorded by notebook's microphone with awful quality.


My first perfect grade in Hatsune Miku Project Diva on PSVita!
In past I made few on PS4, but they are different games.

Bought so much apples on the market, so decided to make apple pie.
Minimum of wheat in dough, with eggs in base.
For taste accent added currants and cinnamon.
I should wait few minutes for pie get more cool and then would taste it)

My telegram channel now has more than 100 subscribers and reached 40)
Thank you for reading!)

Here we go, new song already released! Inabakumori's style slightly changed, the song has some fresh ideas and it's more soft, that old ones. Awesome, I like it!


Searching something to watch and find out that my favorite Vocaloid producer have a premiere in three hours with new song.
He also has non-Vocaloid songs but in same style.
And Kaai Yuki’s voice here sounds so great. (She’s not so popular).
Vocaloid fans should give them a try)


Hello there,

I have my small blog in Telegram, and also want try posting here^^

Thank you for following)

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