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me, getting crowded out of the tin mines by some lvl 3s with like lvl 80 mining: wow geez more like rudescape

you: but andi, they've only demonstrated that honey bees know this, you're a bumblebee

me, still posing triumphantly: :dragnuwu: πŸ’¦

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my entire personal statement to math departments is just gonna be "i'm a bee!! i understand zero!!!! >:3"

Artist mood of spending the train ride home taking photos of your hand because the lighting is interesting

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Artist mood of having a weird number of pictures of your own hands

I love having DID I love having autism these things bring so much joy and beauty into my life

I didn't detransition I just took twink as my subclass after having maxed out the womanhood tree

what if primarina let you rub their tummy

this could be your future

twinks can be fat hairy tall ect ect

gender nonconformity for men is not thin/white/waifish/hairless, it's more than just an aesthetic, it's more than just a porn category

don't gate keep genders don't gate keep labels

cool thing about these hot takes is that you can't challenge them without first invalidating my gender. ha checkmate athiests

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hmm I was using "nanogender" as an umbrella term for like,,, genders such as demiboy or anything like that because that's what I heard them called once, but that doesn't actually seem to be the proper term,, oof idk what the word for that is

oh well! y'all get the idea ig

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my two main hot takes are just
1. cis people can have genders other than what they were assigned
2. twink/bear/ect are as much so new and self created genders as demiboy or anything of that sort

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cis man who identifies primarily and loudly as a twink: ew nano-genders are such a silly idea that doesn't make any sense

"perhaps the leather flask will burst." this is, in fact, the problem with promising future things: we don't know what the future will be, and if we depend on a certain future state for the validity of our present actions, we might run into all manner of paradoxes and difficulties

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