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introduction post, 📌 

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I put my cashapp in my bio btw

im able to pay rent and meds and bills so I don't feel comfortable outright asking for money, but im cutting it too close to not take what's offered, especially with food stamps not panning out

so yeah. no pressure, but feel free if you wanna

speaking of pupy

we ordered this big dogs shirt a few days ago

I've never had this before, where I want to draw but cant, I've always had to drag myself to my tablet whaaaaaat is going on haha

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anyways i'm indigenous and the only way to make the USA great is to give back our fucking land

my roommate and I finished a session of bitching about something and as I walked away I barked a few times because like yeah that's what a puppy does when they're mad, forgetting that im living with non furries

postmodern cryptid: rat-king but it's a bunch of white dudes with dreadlocks whose hair matted together

Housing emergency, urgent, signal boosts appreciated 

i've never actually read any theory, i just use my mind powers to scope out the answer to any given question from the akashic records

while im on the subject of being learning disabled, please use the enter key to break up text during your longer posts

like this ya know

as blocks of text are super hard for me to read and breaking them up makes it easier

just like. whenever you're switching thoughts, whenever you'd take a pause in an irl conversation, smash that enter key

The logic of capitalism relies almost entirely on a form of bait-and-switch. When you critique capitalism, capitalists will argue that you are actually critiquing the most utterly basic *theoretical* systems by which a society will obtain and distribute material goods. The twofold premise of capitalist argument is that capitalist economics are "natural" and therefore good, or they are actually very complicated and heady and therefore only a planetismal-sized brain can begin to understand them.

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okay its out of my system im sorry that line of thinking just Really hits a very very sore spot that's been there for 20 years with no sign of healing

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Your robot gf calms down from her shitty retail job where people treat her like an auto-response system by watching movies with robotic villains and cheering for them to win. She has watched terminator 200 times and written (by her measurements) at least 20% of the queer blade runner fanfic out there

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