“mastodon should potentially look at twitter and learn from their mistakes” says cyber security expert, “it might be beneficial for their annual profits if the ceo of mastodon doesn’t do the same things as jack dorsey”

@Deiru @nuel "of course this huger interconnected thing is run for profit, how else could you organize it?"

@Deiru lol no it didn’t i’m just exaggerating what was in the article i boosted 😎


Hello, it's me, A Cyber Security Expert, here to talk to you very loudly and publicly, about things I don't understand!

@nuel gonna start a mastodon instance and get mega mastodon bucks

@nuel I can assure you, the CEO of Mastodon is certainly not doing the same thing as Jack Dorsey!

@Wayril @nuel Indeed! We take user feedback very seriously here at Mastodon Dot Com Ltd. 😀

@nuel Mastodon does not deal in profits, only prophets. #mastodon

@nuel Hello. I am the CEO of Mastodon. I have instructed our Chief Technical Officer to conduct research into various failings of Twitter.com's business model, as well as our our Chief Financial Officer to conduct extensive market research into features missing from Twitter.com that Mastodon.com could implement better in order to create a strong competitive advantage for the business.

- CEO, Mastodon Dot Com Ltd

@BernieOrVest @CeoOfMastodon @nuel Is this post real or a fake?Seriously I don't know if I should believe that 😄 I'm sure that he wants to talk about Mastodon in a bad way but his arguments are an advertisement for Mastodon 👍 And he only brings more attention to this topic in this way...Well done.

@BernieOrVest @nuel I've been wondering who everyone is talking about when they say "Eugen", too. Do they mean the intern Eugene on the second floor who staples the meeting agendas together?

@nuel Francois Mastodon doesn’t take advice from “experts”

@nuel Will the CEO of mastodon please respond to those concerns, The users have a right to know!

I demand transparency!


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