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new genders for 2020: neo big titty goth, smooth peach skater, sugary beard axe

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dont forget these classic mastodon memes:
* scrape bowly
* five million
* there’s a thing under my bed andy
* steve,s

working out to acquire maximal hug power

sitting in front of 5 monitors watching the fediverse feed go by as I craft stupid posts at 3:27am

Periodic reminder of what #Google looks like now in one of the first #browser that was used to surf the web. Compared to the first website from CERN.


I talked to my spouse. This is love.

— Åblel Gåkïzmistêm, Wrestler

love powerful enbies on a stage critiquing the institution that's hosting them today has been a great day

oh the person getting misgendered btw was joy mariama smith who also told a fine arts professor to shut the fuck up after being asked if people of color having spaces just for them "isn't also exclusionary"

heard someone get misgendered on stage today but at least i also got to listen to my theory teacher again at a symposium telling ppl that kant is bad

thesis: sel
antithethis: hyperlink
synthesis: instantly I'm puppy

Sir, who is your commanding #assman?
Sir, are you attempting to steal #asscommunity valour?

ive got the biggest #ass on here which is why ive just been elected president of the #asscommunity. its purely a ceremonial title and i assume someone else will take over for an entirely different reason next week.

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