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new genders for 2020: neo big titty goth, smooth peach skater, sugary beard axe

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dont forget these classic mastodon memes:
* scrape bowly
* five million
* there’s a thing under my bed andy
* steve,s

-find thread talking about my issue :blobfoxhyper:
-reply from a dev :ablobfoxhyper:
-link to a fix :blobcathyper:

-link is dead :ablobrage:

we don't deserve corvids, or most animals, or this gorgeous planet full of beauty and wonder that we're crushing to death with our ego and narcissistic psychosis

Panel 1: Jon Arbuckle reaching for his pipe, which is not there.

Panel 2: Jon is looking at the viewer, thinking "Now where could my pipe be?"

Panel 3: Cut to Garfield eating René Magritte's famous painting, The Treachery of Images. Jon says nothing.

TERFs are Nazi eugenicist fucks and should be treated as such have a great rest of your day happy punching

today is national short film day here in sweden! it’s the shortest day of the year, and one of our theatres is showing short films for free all day

hell yeah im homerphobic. me and my wife are fukken scared of them gays. have you seen what they can do. do you know their power

test your countrys postal service by mailing yourself an envelope of milk. when it arrives, drink it . you'll be able to tell how long it took them to deliver you the envelope by how expired the milk is

a true high IQ individual would never need to take an IQ test. they could simply calculate it in their head. whats mine you ask? eight hunded

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