@nuel put on an oasis album and they'll start emerging from the earth

what is a "lad" and where could one procure such a thing

gradually introducing american mastodon to the phrase "get in lads"

ATTN @byttyrs is making Minecraft Art and if you want to see it you should log on to minecraft.melon.computer

CMYKompass Rose (stained glass, concrete, carpet). An experimental attempt at process color-mixing through the medium of stained glass translucency.

(... I accidentally eight fucking hours)

how do i tell friends who've never heard of mastodon not to send messages like "garfield senpai" to group chats because it hurts me

mx s. elon theweb and dr. hype erlink, podtners in cast,

safe to say my quality of life increases pretty much one to one by how many enbies i know

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