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sometimes i'm about to make a video-processing pipeline suggestion and then i remember that my personal workflow is fuckin waaaay overcomplicated and that my advice applies to Nobody

lucario shitpost 

(turning a lucario's chest spike up to 11 as they bork increasingly loudly)

what? oh, im just trying to pup up the volume

not lewd 

@Duende chest spike volume knob

nouv! relayed

SGDQ 2019 Day 1: Sonic Generations digital art 

HERE it is! My goal was to make at least one thing for this marathon, so hey, mission complete!

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@coda idk how this got put out but im so friggin thrilled

@minty_da fract osc is very vaguely related to this and neat so i'll: recommend it

mad about internet 

i'm gonna throw my landlord and the shitty networking people he hired into a well

who the fuck leaves an open http proxy on a fucking residential switch

@DanQGoo can i have the extra bones then

i gotta get my sonas to at least 1.5x bone capacity

emotion: "mario & luigi superstar saga battle theme"

@ashiinu alpha!!!!! protect them on their journey 🙏

@Lollie not really related but your handwriting... it's so good...

@PleaseCaption is really handy for a forgetful goofus like myself,

@DanQGoo oh i didn't know .zone got pricy

.space should be 4.99-9.99 depending on where you get it? or .pink is 16.99ish?

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