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bad music thought 

do you think anyone's done a mario parody cover of "flagpole sitta"


i am having a bad mental health day, therefore, I am going to eat pasta and think comfy thoughts

job storytime, programming 

this one time i wrote some Bespoke Software for a music store i worked at, and forgot to set up the database to support unicode strings

and so eventually someone copy-pasted an artist whose name had an accent in it into it and it threw up a traceback

(i was young ok)

and I was like "oh it's cuz there's an accent, I'll fix it"

and my boss says, "no it's ok we'll just avoid special characters"

"...n-no?? why would you settle for that???"

bad unicode support has cursed society

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SFW, implied TF 

looks like i have been transformed into a codebold! who could have done this :o

(🎨 maim) #galuart

SFW, implied TF 

@Galuade aaaa!!! cute!!!!

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In lighter news, PayPal's invoices FINALLY have a reasonable-ass "digital goods" option on there so you don't have to sweat bullets about shipping addresses just because you drew someone a goofy avatar for $5.

image with eye contact 

@Nine my jeff is Awake


i ate pasta for a few days straight cuz I was broke and waiting to get paid,

and now that I've gotten paid I'm trying to figure out what to eat and I think I forgot how to like food

what is good to eat??? i don't know???

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@Canageek tailgating is Probably how he did it but also Impressive because our floors are keyed separately and stuff

somehow a parcel delivery service guy got through the two electronic locks and one keyed lock between the street and my apartment to knock on my door at 9am and i'm still wondering how he did it

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it's @DanQGoo 's birthday in a few days and kendan got them some juice

🎨: frogbiansVEVO on Twitter

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