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fursona art 

nouv: variety pack
by shrimpmuffin@fa


i want green olives but what other two toppings should i get


ollies outies
now to never play this mode again

art w/ blood, injury 

i gotta get more art of Kobold in Trouble
who wants to dunk on this crime nerd

art by lordbadbat@twitter!! (i think, they changed their name, so,)

why are bank websites so incredibly cursed

no # allowed in your personal message because we can't escape or parameterise user input

Some good reckids coming through the store today

bad post, fortnite, communism 

is this conspicuous consumption

ffxiv, bad puns 

i came back to ffxiv after a break and my fc is working on a company craft so i decided to help out

kobold commish, scopophobia? 

local kobold is a nervous dork, news at 11

a cute draw by!

videogames, vermintide2 dlc 

"bogenhafen" sounds like a bofa

i'm never going to stop being entertained by my mohun character so i'm gonna repost it here

it's time for some mastodon koboldposting

by and respectively! twitter profiles might have nsfw/kink/etc. content, take care

furry plush hugs 

soft plush times featuring @Galuade
big comfy.....

art by


some folks don't understand the whole two-body thing, but between the routine and ritual of tucking yourself in, and the different modes of self expression, it's something that's really important, y'know?

reposted after a small revision - @Lobst did an amazing job with this commission, and they were fantastic to work with - i can't recommend them enough!!

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