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You are challenged by
Ace Trainer Mika!

(🎨 #galuart

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Happy #MascotMonday! @ShugoWah drew this strange dog with an aerodynamic snoot, whatever they are. it is a mystery

i'm installing mario maker 2, feel free to leave me some level codes to play if ya wanna

(starcraft voice) you must construct additional kobolds

sometimes i'm about to make a video-processing pipeline suggestion and then i remember that my personal workflow is fuckin waaaay overcomplicated and that my advice applies to Nobody

lucario shitpost 

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SGDQ 2019 Day 1: Sonic Generations digital art 

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mad about internet 

emotion: "mario & luigi superstar saga battle theme"

@PleaseCaption is really handy for a forgetful goofus like myself,

bad music thought 

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