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doing a bad job at resisting to post "aaaye whats the meta with you"


is tusky good yet
is there a good masto android app yet


rip to snouts, a tragic example of the problem of self-selecting moderation

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hating on golf 

honestly golf annoys me so much...
- A sport for rich people
- which requires huge empty areas of mowed grass
- often built in places where that's hard to have or exceeding wasteful

like example, when I went to Bermuda, one of the things that impressed me was how space-efficient the tiny farms they grew much of their produce in were. Just so much stuff in tiny little pieces of land, because there's no room.

But Yet: golf courses taking up more space than anything else

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So, uh, Zoom bought Keybase.

Given Zoom's history of glaring security flaws and generally bad design, I am now glad I never got around to signing up for Keybase. I suspect that the most security-minded users of that platform will be looking to migrate off it as quickly as possible, too.

I'm back for real this time I swear

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You are challenged by
Ace Trainer Mika!

(🎨 #galuart

i'm installing mario maker 2, feel free to leave me some level codes to play if ya wanna

(starcraft voice) you must construct additional kobolds

sometimes i'm about to make a video-processing pipeline suggestion and then i remember that my personal workflow is fuckin waaaay overcomplicated and that my advice applies to Nobody

lucario shitpost 

(turning a lucario's chest spike up to 11 as they bork increasingly loudly)

what? oh, im just trying to pup up the volume

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SGDQ 2019 Day 1: Sonic Generations digital art 

HERE it is! My goal was to make at least one thing for this marathon, so hey, mission complete!

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mad about internet 

i'm gonna throw my landlord and the shitty networking people he hired into a well

who the fuck leaves an open http proxy on a fucking residential switch

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