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mind you, she's not disturbing me in my sleep or anything. i just can't make a dozen micro adjustments to my sleeping position like i have a bad habit of doing.

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melatonin is saving my ass since i'm still adjusting to sleeping with a cat in my bed. i can get less sleep and still be functional the next day.

i thought i set it up so prosody would auto update certs but i guess i didn't. anyway that's working again

today's discovery is that Eugenie likes to have her head (or sometimes whole body) under the bedsheet. I actually couldn't find her when I walked in my room earlier before I realized the lump on my bed was making loud purring noises.

i don't imagine anyone uses the word commotion to mean co-motion, do they?

oh, that's a good idea. someone remind me to change all my names across instances to add (OLD) or something so the search results aren't terrible

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big news: I am likely bringing home this kitty sometime this week

speaking of offwhites, i'm gonna miss the pink/purpleish theme of, even though it's always been slightly broken in different ways

this would be really good for documents and manga scans etc.

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as screens get larger and brighter, i find myself wanting something that instantly dims (no fade-in bullshit) predominantly white images. even better if it scales with image size, so larger images are dimmer.

i'm guessing he doesn't get as much attention as the other cats because he has a scary, raggedy look to him from afar โ€” that's him in the middle. meanwhile gunpowder (the other black cat) just soaks up all the attention.

also there's someone (herbie?) staring at them through the doors ๐Ÿ‘€

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thinking about the cat who patiently waited in the corner until the other cats weren't preoccupying me and then slowly got into my lap when prompted

(please excuse that it looks like i'm grabbing her weirdly; i don't stop petting them when i'm taking photos with my other hand, so you get these weird freezeframes)

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big news: I am likely bringing home this kitty sometime this week

printed on a particle board
where am I going with this?

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