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that string has somehow prepended itself to several ac_ variables

fuckin' love autoconf :V

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i started wondering this when golfing my 'dedupe' utility in Awk. the whole script is less than a kilobyte! but busybox awk itself is tens of kilobytes, soโ€ฆ

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i'm kinda curious, at what point does implementing a bytecode interpretter and writing programs for it beat plain, compiled "-Os" C code, strictly in terms of filesize? 'cause that would be an interesting venture for fully-featured builds of busybox-like software

downside of the weather cooling off is i've gotten accustomed to having my window at least a sliver open... oh well, it might not be freezing until late autumn so maybe i can keep it up

that groaning sound, that unhappy cats do around other cats, sounds a lot like the rimworld drop-like sound whenever a new event occurs

i thought `makestep 60 -1` would immediately correct any drift larger than a minute, repeatedly, but *shrug*

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i changed my chrony.conf settings in this VM like a week ago but i don't think it cares

i should look at what a modern word embedding is like, to maybe make a dumb bot

you could make a unique game out of all the blatantly incorrect things that backseaters seem to magically conjure

body and mental 

fuckin hate that guy

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body and mental 

i'm still connor on the inside but i try very hard not to act like it

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body and mental 

"don't you ever feel like..."
no because i never changed my perception of myself after puberty and now i don't know who's body this is but i no longer feel embarrassed about it

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disassociated from my disassociation

this one isn't just wordplay, for the record

a doppelganger with impostor syndrome


don't let me give myself military neck

i need to find a game to play
one that isn't simply out of habit

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