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basing your mod around the development branch of the game you're modding is madness

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i wanna play more krastorio but i think i'll just wait three weeks for factorio 1.0 to release and then things shouldn't be so in flux... i hope.

i thought of something you could do with a 52-card deck, but i'm not sure how to game-ify it. adding betting is an obvious choice, but then it's just a crappy version of poker. hm

i get the sense it was written and recorded before the rest of the album

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black hole sun might actually be my least favorite song on superunknown, sorry not sorry

using a python dict.get method with the same two arguments feels weird, like:
character_mapping.get(c, c)
makes sense but looks weird

the people who write the about pages on parked domains probably believe their words that they're helping people, gross

i hope these simple DNS requests don't set off some alarm. i'm doing it all synchronously so there's only one connection at a time, but idk, maybe my ISP hates me now lol

oh dang i guess crinkler is open source now

bad advice 

a surprising percent of random IPv4 addresses respond to DNS A records. kinda spooky.

i'm listening to my music library in order by year. so far, lots and lots of jazz.

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love too have half the internet stop working because one single service provider fucks up

reminder to self to mess around with percentages rounding later

I've been playing way too much ARK lately

i refuse to use parser generators (against my better judgement)

ugh i need to, like, write a parser for a format specifying what sequences of tokens are valid for my other parser. i guess i can skimp on it though since it won't be a part of the main program itself, just to test against.

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