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this really needs at least 4x oversampling but i should do something else for a while like make a meal and play a game

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the 20 kHz passband also has a flat enough phase to be blended in with the dry signal after compensating for 16 samples of group delay

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1 kHz sine wave harmonics with 16 dB of "drive":
1x -> 2x -> 2x with continuous nonlinearity trick

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put together an oversampled hard clipper just for practice i guess

ok, analytical group delay done and a little toy problem to minimize with all-passes. might come in handy

i keep thinking they'd have x and y in the names, but instead they're h and v for horizontal and vertical

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i can never ever remember how to do those axis lines in matplotlib

with this weather, being able to use my blanket in bed again is nice. I like the feeling of the extra weight

finally got my hands on some darjeeling again

@matt i thought you meant mid 1950s for a moment and i was like whoa

something really interesting (to me) about fan noise is that it gives you a constant frame of reference for audio levels of other things

it's too early in the morning to realize that i need to escape + and ? in sedโ€ฆ


the good news is that i should've had a backup anyway so now i do

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i just copied all the files off the sd card that i thought was dead without any errors so if that's not the issue then i dunno what's up

anyway i am maximally sidetracked so i think i'll pick this up once i actually have a purpose for it

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