C code 

that single sidehop to reach the bomb chest is so ridiculous

anyway i'm glad i finally got around to trying zig and i'm excited to see what 1.0.0 will be like. now, what's the next language to try?

ok, here's my first program written in zig: gist.github.com/notwa/0c8c94a4
i left a ton of comments at the top describing my experience with the language. please don't misinterpret them as bashing the language; i just don't think it's in a particularly usable state right now.

finishing up my zig program this morning, i'm leaving comments on all my thoughts on the language at the top of the file which i'll post later

i wonder, in games like RPGs with a bunch of percents and stackable effects, if you could replace (or augment) ambiguously-worded descriptions with some sort of flow chart of icons

i rewrote a tiny program from C to zig to give it a go. it's alright. i had some thoughts but i lost my train of thought, so i'll post about it later.

i feel like i tried to do too much yesterday and now everything seems horribly boring in comparison today

ok, i'm going to make an effort to make a newโ€  programming language because i'm finding the usual suspects to be lacking.

โ€  more likely than not, something i've dabbled with previously, but never really sat down with

i have somehow never seen the uu format until today. i guess it really is old

i could understand dropping it from the server-side but not supporting it on the client just seems like a bad idea

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eh, i can't ssh into this device anymore. ssh complains about its supported methods for key exchanging.
don't tell me someone decided it wasn't secure and now i can't access this device through this method at allโ€ฆ

seeing random people on github with a thousand stars on their dotfiles just 'cause they wrote some blurb about it on another site is really silly

especially since my dreams aren't even pleasant the majority of the timeโ€ฆ

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i need to stop trying to investigate things within my dreams because it's all meaningless when i wake up. like it's not worth the mental exhaustion

toe's drumming style is so damn distinct

names are kinda inherently fake but there's still a thing in my head that tries to distinguish usernames from people names

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tmw you think someone's username is a little play on words but it's actually their surname
(it's ok, my surname sounds fake as hell too)

this zelda stuff uses rtf files and i don't think i've used any rtf files since i used macsโ€ฆ i wonder if i would still find them useful

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