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i dunno when precisely is going read-only, but if you're reading this, i've probably moved to another instance. so, don't be alarmed if you see another "connor" in your notifications soon-ish. and happy new year!

tomorrow i visit the kitties at the shelter again, just to socialize with them. also, it'll be my last day to migrate instances, and i still haven't worked on thatโ€ฆ

Eugenie's biscuit-making is improving.

i'd be curious to know if anyone's invented decentralized "master" servers (for multiplayer games especially)
it's a bit of a nuisance when the official ones go down and communities get split across third-party emulations of those servers, when the actual gameplay is already all peer2peer

apparently i don't have to pet/hold eugenie to keep her next to me in bed, she's quite happy just to lay next to me.

Eugenie has this funny habit where she'll fall asleep next to me, have a dream, wake up, look at me, start purring and dash off my bed while still purring to find her dry food. she's done it like 4 times already

Eugenie doesn't like to jump when I'm looking at her

16.0 pounds, so... she hasn't gained weight but she hasn't lost any either

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I got a people scale for xmas so I just need to subtract my own weight when she's in my arms.

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I oughta weigh my cat pretty soon. she was on a good trajectory of losing weight when she was at the shelter, but her habits have changed now that she's consistently happy. I gotta learn how to pick her up...

my bed is only a twin, and my cat is a queen

maybe the old heating system simply can't put out enough heat to raise the temperature in an adequate time in this weather

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my room is somehow the warmest during the hour the heat turns *off,* so now i'm scheming about how to null that effect with the programmable times on my thermostat. pretty annoying it works like that though

same time and dose as always, but, melatonin dreams.

Eugenie's meows are so cute, I can't

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