maybe there needs to be an unlisted option for git repos so they don't show up in the global projects page but they're otherwise fully public

i'm not trying to throw shade or anything but i think the overwhelming majority of repos on sourcehut are people's dotfiles

i think i'm still a little too tired for this

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... i haven't really thought about dsp in a while, have i

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note to self to look at bandpass filters, briefly, when i wake up. there's stuff about the phase response that i'm curious about

sadly this seems to be limited to a single line of text, but luckily my text is a golfed program so it's only one line to begin with :blobcatevil:

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oh nice, you can combine heredocs with `read` to load ugly lines of text into a variable in most shells. i forget that you can use bare `read`s like this (since pipes into `read` create subshells which prevent you from doing much outside of zsh)



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all i see is <p></p> with nothing hidden inbetween

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is it just me or does the character actually get stripped out by the backend? hard to tell from the HTML

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connor relayed

I love this cat, it's amazing how faithful she is about our little rituals, even when the rituals are as restrained as โ€œnapping 1m apart on the hill that is good both for watching and for hammock hanging, once in a seasonโ€

actually the bottom middle kinda works, yeah

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although you can tell the source material didn't have any photos of an actual bottom of a well

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it's supposed to be warm but i don't think my body is producing very much heat

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