intentionally terrifying C code 

i wrote a python version of big_something and it's *so* much shorter. it should be easier to reason about.

ok now the results make a lot more sense. i guess this is division in the finite field

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i still don't know why this function does what it does but i gave it a fancy state visualization

there it's finally done. when one of the numbers in the product key equals the hash of the whole(?) key, the key is good: the two at the bottom here are equal.

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oh huh venn diagrams are actually not a bad way of visualizing 3-in 1-out truth tables, here's (a&b)|((a|b)&c)

factorio, maybe krastorio spoilers or something 

OOOH you have to click on the thing on the sidebar, i thought it was just like an anchor link for something on the same page :/

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ok, now this is weird. an evolved algorithm decides to use the *mean* of a network's weights as its learning rate.



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