reading some notes i wrote from last year

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oh boy, i guess i'll be playing deep rock for a while today

if anyone ever saw that 7-segment display in multiplayer, nobody would have a clue how it worked because all the numbers in it look completely crazy.
ON[n] = (x^XOR)*MUL[n]>RHS[n]
(signed overflow is permitted)

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there's a few different sets of numbers with the fewest number of total digits that work (this probably isn't all of them)

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sure are a lot of IPs in this range with awful web scrapers

played around this compression on allkeys.txt from the unicode collation algorithm, you can see it substantially beats deflate for the keys and first word of each collation element, but falls short for the other data that's more repetitive/sparse.

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ha, the detected baseline even drops from x86-64-v3 to x86-64! (VirtualBox on the left)

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