i remade the inner part with quadratic curves, and i like the extra degree of control, but now realize that the outer parts don't really 'work' with this method

playing around with shapes. left: cubic bezier; right: circular mask

DSP rambling 

DSP rambling 

i added rotation and mirroring but i haven't updated the links yet

heyy my old color particle thingy works in nim 1.0.0 after updating a few lines of code

long description 

i made a bunch of settings like optional stumps that are impassible

it's like a skill tree where you start in the center and there's constraints on the six corners for costs and total costs. it has 3-way rotational symmetry. and yeah, these squares would be rendered as hexagons outside of a terminal.

i get why they're doing this (g_i should imitate being drawn from a normal distribution) but hell if i know how

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