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hi, i'm connor. i've been on fedi for idk how long by now. this account has served as a dumping ground for my thoughts; those on programming, video games, or simply gloating over cats and rats. sometimes i make computers do mildly interesting things, or make numbers really small.

i've been seen babbling about:
• animals, vtubers, tea, insomnia
• glitches, speedruns, challenge runs
• reverse-engineering older games
• broken websites and bad designs
• super niche shitposts
• optimization/minimization of many forms
• writing shell scripts for everything
• audio processing
• (games) Deep Rock Galactic, Factorio
• (langs) C, Python, Lua, and RISC asms for older consoles

i may not interact with many posts, but i do read a lot of them. i also try to avoid hot takes on hot topics that i don't fully understand.

finally, i need to move off because it's shutting down in January. i'm looking for someplace left-leaning and slightly insane. uhhh that's it i guess :witches_town:

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