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hi, i'm connor. :witches_town:

i'm interested in , , , , learning and playing with math. i enjoy writing , , and .

sometimes i hack games for the , but more generally i follow wherever my interests take me. i tend to avoid big projects because of that. i ramble a lot about whatever i'm working on or learning about.

i've helped my sister raise a dozen pet ! i also love , , , and .

python code 

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also i have some problem called "ridgecircle" that i can't remember where it came from? googling "ridge circle" is a mess since it's apparently a real place with a bajillion addresses

my algorithm is currently horribly inefficient with samples but i still have a lot of ideas on how to improve it

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i definitely understand the difficulty of the rosenbrock function after playing with this type of algorithm

staying up late is actually really peaceful lately

this algorithm i came up with is working, but not really as i originally intended. at least it's fun to mess around with

but this seems like a *lot* of work for something that is definitely going to converge slowly

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i thought of a very simple optimization algorithm that i want to try... but it involves a complicated subproblem. maybe the solution is polar coordinates and a tree structure though

the average lifespan of a website that isn't hosted by some other service has gotta be like one year at this point

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stealth game where higher difficulty NPCs are more absent-minded and will randomly turn around immediately after entering a room, realising they didn't mean to go in there

i wonder what the hell that almost tom-tom-like instrument is in the background? it sounds bitcrushed, ring-modulated and resonant-filtered, so it could be just about anything really

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the parts themselves are simple but difficult combined

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the drums on teeth/teflon are really difficult to tap along to, like the hat/crash part is independent of the kick/bass

oh the power went out and it couldn't sync the time when it rebooted, and i don't have a service running to keep it synced...

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wait why does my raspi think it's still september?

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well never mind "released," i'm sure this guy saw all the prototypes too

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