okay the point about github being a SNS where you collect "fake internet points" is pretty true. i mean there are personal dotfile repos on there with a couple thousands stars -- do you think more than one person has ever used them? no lol

don't read into this, i just forget that it's a holiday every year. it's overshadowed by the american one a few days later, mostly because that one has a cool soundgarden song.

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don't be silly, canada is a country, not a day.
also, sleep 2

i slept on this bug a little and i'm still not sure what i want to do about it, since the code is built on a pretty terrible oversight...

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oh godโ€ฆ you don't wanna know the answer

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i seem to have run into an incredibly strange bug with an assembler 

sta 16400 // 8D 10 40, correct
sta 16400+1 // 8D 11 40, correct
sta 0x4010 // 8D 10 40, correct
sta 0x4010+1 // 85 11, incorrect!
sta 0x4010^0 // 85 10, incorrect!
// what even is the pattern here?

this is a good sleep schedule for catching early morning streams. the question is, can i keep it long enough to watch eddie's next video as it premiers? two days is a lot of time for things to go wrongโ€ฆ

ok my mind is gone so i'll finish fudging with the server tomorrow. the important stuff is done at least

planning/rambling, long 

i'll probably remove (i.e. move and delete) the random code dumps i have on github that nobody cares about, like "dsp" and "optim".

i'll probably keep "lips" up on github since i hate that code and it can rot in hell.

99% of my forked repos are so minor that there's no point in changing anything โ€” i can just mirror them as patch files.

other repos will be archived for a year or so with a link to the self-hosted repo in the description before being deleted as well.

in the future, i'd like to transition a couple projects to something that can actually take issues/PRs (like sourcehut or whatever), but my self-hosted stuff will always be up-to-date.

this is an awful lot of text that ultimately won't really concern anyoneโ€ฆ but i still feel obligated to take this semi-seriously and not suddenly pull the rug out from anyone, because i know how that feels.

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i'm self-hosting my "backyard" projects now, no more github. i'll also be moving a few others too, later.

managed to get it working long enough to install their better web console, from there i could paste the key properly

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currently stuck trying to get my ssh pubkey into my droplet 'cause the web console is such hot garbage ๐Ÿคก i cannot disable caps lock

anyway that means eaguru.guru downtime for the infinitesimal chance that someone is actually using it right now

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i'm just going to backup my server and wipe it and figure out how i'm going to do everything as i go along, because i've been procrastinating planning it out for two months now

ten now. video expected this saturday morning

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i love how every rat video focuses on a rat having a good time, and then at the end, the camera pans over to another part of the room and their brothers or sisters and they've started a thermonuclear war

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