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hi, i'm connor. :witches_town:

i'm interested in , , , , learning and playing with math. i enjoy writing , , and .

sometimes i hack games for the , but more generally i follow wherever my interests take me. i tend to avoid big projects because of that. i ramble a lot about whatever i'm working on or learning about.

i've helped my sister raise a dozen pet ! i also love , , , and .

i wish i knew a better way to tuck covers under mattresses

it could be an interesting to write an algorithm to better subdivide the 3d cubic spline patches, first into quads and then unconstrained triangles. but for now, i sleep

same rules apply as the traditional cubic bezier curve, so if you want to minimize discontinuities between patches, you want the control points to run parallel on either side

i entered the numbers for the cubic-interpolated patches similar to the utah teapot, good experiment

i could probably whip up something myself with SDL but i've actually somehow never done any GL code in my life

there's probably already an obj viewer that i can just pipe stuff into from a terminal, i just have to find it


hm, prosody failed to start after reboot, not very reassuring



err to clarify, the kind of tracker you'd make chiptunes with

i wonder if anyone's ever made a tracker plugin for a spreadsheet program before. not that anyone needs to

random musing about spam 

random musing about spam 

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