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hi, i'm connor. :witches_town:

i'm interested in , , , , learning and playing with math. i enjoy writing , , and .

sometimes i hack games for the , but more generally i follow wherever my interests take me. i tend to avoid big projects because of that. i ramble a lot about whatever i'm working on or learning about.

i've helped my sister raise a dozen pet ! i also love , , , and .

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it never occurred to me that you can get actual notebooks with graph paper. i sorta assumed they only sold those shrink-wrapped bundles of US letter paper that seem to be harder and harder to find these days. maybe that's something i'd be interested inโ€ฆ

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wait that's probably because of the whole negative frequency stuff. if I used fft() instead of rfft() it'd probably make more sense

I'm just using cosine to sample the transform and I was scratching my head at the results before I realized I had to halve the magnitude of the nyquist value. not sure what's up with that but I probably knew about it at some point in the past...

this is a silly exercise just to get some code written and it'll look very different if I ever finish it

lemme reword that because that came out weird to me

i hate that the weather has a subconscious effect on me because i actually should enjoy rainy days like this

it shouldn't be too hard a problem to solve, i just need to figure out what angle to tackle it from

oh i just remembered something i wanted to try with signed distance fields ages ago but never finished

apparently the next big version is ~almost~ stable so maybe i'll find something to bide time with

considering picking up factorio instead

not sure how much i want to try to beat this endgame boss if it just spits almost every single debilitation at once (including death or whatever the heck it is) when it gets to low health

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why do I *always* have to change positions at least twice before falling asleep?

the new debug menu setup is just an excuse to get the deku palace music stuck in people's heads

the lack of stdlib docs shouldn't affect me since I'm not even using C's own stdlib besides read/write/malloc/free

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