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hi, i'm connor. :witches_town:

i'm interested in , , , , learning and playing with math. i enjoy writing , , and .

sometimes i hack games for the , but more generally i follow wherever my interests take me. i tend to avoid big projects because of that. i ramble a lot about whatever i'm working on or learning about.

i've helped my sister raise a dozen pet ! i also love , , , and .

ok done, this grabs the top clips for a given timeframe from the people you follow. fair warning, it's super-duper hacky:

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it seems to use this thing except it doesn't include the actual query text. but that's ok since you don't really need to muck with it (but it'd be interesting if you didโ€ฆ)

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the only extra http headers / curl arguments you need anymore are the OAuth key and the POST json payload, but the json data is a little funky

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reverse engineering some internal api stuff today since my "recent clips" script stopped working

i had a weird glitch in a game of DRG today where the drills made the wrong visual and sound effects when used on terrain, like the indices of any array were off or something

firefox crudpost 

ok this seems to be the issue: make sure network.file.disable_unc_paths is false in about:config and your user.js if you use one, then restart

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ok yeah firefox 77 is just fucking broken. things seem to work in private browsing windows though, as horrible workaround

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hey did anyone else's firefox just break after updating today? a ton of sites never get past the about:blank screen for me

i'm scrolling through old screenshots and it hurts so good

that didn't quite come out right but i need to get out of bed instead of writing posts lol

retrospective, school 

pretty sure this idea just came from a dream where players were immediately launched in from the sides of the map at a high speed and slowed down as they entered in-bounds

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i had a thought that in competitive shooters, you could remove respawn timers and fixed spawn points in favor of having players navigate to their desired spawn locations. how would that work exactly and be kept fair? idk

good thing i remembered that affine transformations linearly affect the area of shapes 'cause i almost calculated this the hard way

oh maybe worldbuilding is the wrong word but I can't think of anything else at the moment

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it seems a lot easier and fun with things I'm already familiar with where I can go "oh yeah, this real thing is totally just a game mechanic in disguise" and such

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