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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

meds, question 

made my own instance! please follow me there


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a superhot line i really like, caps 

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Welcome P0.PM (peertube) and N2.PM (writefreely) to the fediverse! they are run by 13 year old @notnite! That is bomb.

@liaizon my god thank you! did not expect people to acknowledge my tiny lil projects lol

what if i just rm'd all my code today for no reason

*most* of it is backed up to git repos

here you pick fed

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amazon forest fire, shitpost 

this phone is so nice. it was like $400 and it has literally all the features I want

it's so good, pick one up if you need a budget phone

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just bought a pixel 3a and HOLY SHIT THIS PHONE IS INCREDIBLE

bisoga is probably one of the biggest jokes I've heard of this year

it's a filehosting service that uses **fucking DISCORD** for its file hosting

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lock arms and create a giant bridge. A People Bridge

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petscop thread 

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