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Just... touch yourself. As often as it feels good to you. Whereever it feels good to you. It's your body, take care of it. You can't return it and get another... It's not a suit. It's just you. And you're the one who is really always with you.

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Touching myself helps me realizing that I'm awake. And self-aware. And real. It helps keeping me from completely losing myself to the void.


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Being touched by others always feels very intense to me. I'm like Amélie, the main character in the movie with the same name, when she was a child. In that scene where her dad, a doctor, touches her while a routine check she is so me...

Touching myself feels weird and good at the same time. I sometimes seem to lose some kind of sense of reality. It's a bit like i'm rarely sure that I'm not dreaming because i feel very disconnected to my surroundings and myself.

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I sometimes just stroke my arm when i feel lonely. It comforts me to feel the touch and the warmth of my hand on my skin.

Sometimes i stroke my legs. I can feel my muscles there and my tendons and how everything moves nicely. It gives me the feeling that my legs are actually connected to my body, which is good.

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Touching yourself can be selfcare too. I'm not talking about doing sexy things here, although i won't exclude them either.

Erstes Mal seit zwei Wochen, seit der Vereinssport Pause macht, weil die Hallen geschlossen sind.

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Gerade spontan ein bisschen Sport gemacht und mich auf meiner Yogamatte geräkelt und gedehnt. Ich habe die Übungen gemacht, die ich beim Vereinssport gelernt habe. Tut gut. :blobmiou:

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Liege in meinem Bett auf meiner Decke und lausche dem Soundtrack des Spiels "Gris". Und es ist okay... :blobcat:

Toilet paper and flour are sold out everywhere at the moment. Of course exactly NOW is the perfect time to have Youtube recommend me videos about creating stuff with paper clay (papier-mache) and salt dough. :blobglare:

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The thing about people panic buying and stockpiling is that they make it harder on people who are *actually* at risk to get essential goods:

- deliveries getting canceled or only part showing up
- people not just having to break isolation to do their shopping, but to have to expose themselves *even more* by trying multiple stores and areas
- people's health and existing illnesses suffering and making things worse by not having access to the things they need if they can't afford to break the isolation...

Just think about other people for a change ffs.

Toilet paper is apparently the new cigarettes and alcohol.

Und Tauschmärkte.

Tausche Mie-Nudeln gegen Klopapier. :blobfearful:

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Ich schlage nachbarschaftliche Küfas vor. Im Moment noch im Scherz...

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Die Läden sind immer leerer... Aus einem bin ich gerade mit leeren Händen raus.

Ernsthaft: Wenn das die nächsten Wochen so weiter geht, wird es Versorgungsprobleme geben. Selbstgemachte.

Ich muss jetzt weiter weg fahren, um hoffentlich noch was zu bekommen. :blobcattilt:

Bis dahin heißt es:




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