Going to the dentist now, looking forward to it. No, really. :blobcatthinking:

Dunkelheit, Angst, ~ 

Star Trek: Transgender

Where no cis has been before.

@aoife 🧠 ⚡ :loading:

Department / Agency / Bureau for the Investigation of Anomalies ( DIA (die?), AIA, BIA (beer?).

Department / Agency / Bureau of Paranormal Activities / Anomalies (DPA, APA, BPA (Bisphenol A?)).

Info: CryoFall is a new Early Access 2D Survival Game, similar to Keplerth. You run around and gather resources and build a base, farm and fight. I expect this game to get big in the future, especially because mod support is builtin.


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Anyone playing ? Let's build our pansexual paradise! :blobcataww:

Traum über Zeitreisen 4, + 

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Traum über Zeitreisen 3, + 

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Traum über Zeitreisen 2, + 

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Traum über Zeitreisen 1, + 

@aoife Where no butch, dyke, femmeboy... has gone before.

Ich mag es, meine Pflanzen mit meiner Karaffe zu gießen und direkt danach mein Glas damit zu befüllen und selbst auch einen Schluck zu nehmen. Da muss ich immer lächeln und dran denken, dass wir ja genau denselben Stoff brauchen. 🌱 :blobcataww:

^ So many backhug lovers. Somehow that gives me a good feeling. :blobaww: Also thanks for voting.

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:oh_no: nora :gay: relayed

^ Booooooooooooost! Please. I have only 10 followers because i accept requests not that often, hmmm... Would like to get more votes to my super important surveys. :blobsmilesweat:

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Do you like getting hugged from behind? Having someone's arms appear left and right of you and wrapping around your belly like you're a gift? :boost_ok:

Es ist schon ziemlich toll und genial, dass aus der Steckdose einfach so Strom kommt, wann immer eins ihn braucht. :blobthinkingeyes:

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