When people ask me about my music taste i often just reply: Well... YouTube.

Seriously, it's mostly that i just browse through it and find music i like here and there which can really be almost any genre. Some of them i save in my bookmarks, some not, some i even download, some not, some i visit on SoundCloud or whatever because of better quality. Most of the time i can't really remember artist or track names or lyrics or anything because i mainly care for the tone of music and the feelings it brings up in me.

I feel like it's expected that you have favorite artists you can spontaneously list when asked. Thinking about how that might be a remnant of the era of music you bought on phonograph records, cassettes and then cds where you kinda physically touched your music. I never really participated in that culture though... The only records i ever had where radio plays and The Smurfs which was basically Nightcore.

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