people: Wanna help with my bra? Wait, it's not what you think of... :blobcatblush: I never had a good bra, they never really fit somehow and i think i just don't know what i need. Does anybody know of a safe place i as a non-binary trans person could go to to get checked and fitted? A shop, a specific person in a shop you know maybe, even a sex shop if it's possible there. Anything is good.

Please boost, thank you. :boost_ok:

@nora I don't know if they are trans-aware, but I've had a very nice fitting at Doppel D: (They specialize in larger cup sizes, though, so if your breasts are on the small side, they might not have your size. That said, the D+ cup size applies to more people than commonly believed!)

@nora (sadly, good bras are expensive... OTOH, if you take good care of them, they also last long.)

@nora @aurora I can't help with local fitting in Berlin. But! I can help with the question of getting a good bra fit. There's a solid fitting guide specifically for trans women on the Reddit "aBraThatFits" wiki:

This guide and the community behind it are highly recommended by several friends of mine, both cis and trans. I hope it helps!

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