Does anyone here have experience with Neofollin or other estrogen injections and can share them? :0130:


Share the meds or the info? What would you like to know?

@Eweish Share the experience. I can get the meds myself, heh. :blobsmilesweat:

I've got a couple of questions i would love to hear more about. At the moment i only talked to one person about it. They were very happy with injections and will get them again soon.

How did it make you feel in general? Did you still need T blockers, if you ever did, while using it? Was the effect any different for you than with other forms of Estradiol? Where did you inject them? Did you get any negative side effects?


I’ve been on injections for many years. I’d say I got more effect than other routes of delivery. Didn’t need spiro really. No negative side effects, I like that I only have to think about it once every 1-2 weeks. Inject into either top of thigh or have someone else inject into my glutes.

@Eweish Thank you very much for this small insight! That sounds promising and similar to what the person IRL told me. :thinkhappy:

I wish i had to take it even rarer than once or twice a week, but every few days might at least be better than once a day with my current depot spray.

I hope it continues to work for you (also within your interesting mix of different things) and i wish you all the best! :heart_trans:


Once every few weeks really isn’t so bad. I got the hang of injections pretty quickly and these days a pinch is more painful

@Eweish Don't you have higher estro levels right after taking an injection and then have it slowly going down? I guess if you want to have a more steady level you gotta use it more often, just like with pills or spray. :thonking:


It gets absorbed over a period of two weeks but if you halve the dose and do it every week it's very very smooth

@Eweish Nice to know. Guess i have to try out what is best for me (and also what blood tests says). :thinkhappy: Thanks for the info!

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