New selfies, eye contact, no makeup 🙀 

Yes, i look different without fancy makeup too. ‾\😊/‾

A month ago i've changed something about my appearance but no one seems to notice. Until i tell it - then it magically becomes visible like a huge pimple on the nose. :catthink: What i changed is big. Very big, to me. It's something which gave me a boost in my quality of life.

I like my hair how it is now. I wonder what i could do with it... 🎨 :blobthinkingsmirk:

Comments are okay.

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I actually have a red semi-permanent hair color in my hair. But on the photos it's completely invisible because of the yellow tint my phone produced. Editing the color levels of the pictures was of no use regarding that. Hm. :thinkless:

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