Introduction, selfie, eye contact 

Hello there. ✌️

May i introduce myself? I'm nora, an enby from Berlin and i'm looking for charming queers online and offline for chatting, appreciating, hugging and more. 💜

I spend my time programming and playing games, cycling in the forest and listening to radio plays and audio books (Warrior Cats currently :catthink:). I've also drawn some comics a few years ago! Take a look if you want... :blobpeek:


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Introduction, selfie, eye contact 

I'm one of those quiet and anxiety having ones. Depression is part of my life and i strive to be open, friendly, helpful and just there for those who care to give it back. :blobcatheart:

I understand english relatively good, but german is the language i feel most secure using, so that's what most of my toots will be in. Apart from that i also CW my stuff as best as i can and if i forget something, feel free to point it out. ☝️

Let's have some tea. 🍵 :blobcat_mlem:


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