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Yesterday evening i was bored and couldn't sleep, so i've made myself a little showcase of all the browser games i've ever made (there are more, but these are at least a bit playable). To show them to others easier whenever i want to. Just some plain HTML and CSS here. :blobcatinnocent:

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New selfies, eye contact, no makeup 🙀 

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It's bi visibility day. This means: time to change the mascot :) Happy bi visibility day everyone :) :bisexual_flag:

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"Wait," he said, "you read fantasy? On your profile it said you read science fiction."
"I like to read both."
"That makes no sense, you either read one or the other."
She gave him a look.
"Are you serious? Genre matters much less than the quality of the story."
#BiVisibilityDay #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Ich bewunder ja die Schuhe der japanischen Schuluniformen. Also, ich weiß nicht, ob alle Uniformen dieselben haben - es gibt ja so viele verschiedene. Ich mein diese Schlüpfer, die es in braun und in schwarz gibt. Absatz, keine Schnürsenkel.

Was dem hier in der Gegend am nächsten kommt, sind Mokassins, aber die haben meistens keine dicken, strapazierfähigen Straßensohlen und keine solchen Absätze.

Wenn ich nur wüsste, wo es die gibt und zwar in vegan und nicht zu Anime Cosplay-Preisen. :blobcatumm:

Wo feiert ihr Anlässe, die im Herbst oder im Winter stattfinden, wenn ihr sie nicht aufs nächste Jahr legen wollt? Nicht nur wegen Corona, aber auch.

Bitte boosten, dankeschön. :boost_ok:

Being a transfeminine enby is great tbh.

Friendly reminder: it / its is a valid pronoun.

Normalizing it / its as a valid personal singular pronoun surely doesn't go without friction. Even in Germany they say it's objectifying even though people use it as an article for "girl" ("das" Mädchen, instead of "die" which would be plural). That demonstrates that it's only about habits, nothing else. And habits can be changed. Just keeping using it. :blobcatevil:

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Haaallooooo :blobcatinnocent: Wollte nur sagen, dass ich in der Bahn sitze und unterwegs bin, damit das Fediversum über mein Privatleben Bescheid weiß. Guten Morgen allerseits. :blobcatblush:

People pronouncing "bro" like "bra". Can't unhear it.

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@nora @aurora I can't help with local fitting in Berlin. But! I can help with the question of getting a good bra fit. There's a solid fitting guide specifically for trans women on the Reddit "aBraThatFits" wiki:

This guide and the community behind it are highly recommended by several friends of mine, both cis and trans. I hope it helps!

people: Wanna help with my bra? Wait, it's not what you think of... :blobcatblush: I never had a good bra, they never really fit somehow and i think i just don't know what i need. Does anybody know of a safe place i as a non-binary trans person could go to to get checked and fitted? A shop, a specific person in a shop you know maybe, even a sex shop if it's possible there. Anything is good.

Please boost, thank you. :boost_ok:

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Sagt mal, hat jemand von euch eine Empfehlung für ein videokonferenztaugliches over ear Headset mit eingebautem Mikro statt Mikrofonarm? (Weil ich sehe das schon kommen, dass ich es beim Trinken ins Wasserglas halte...)

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Bicalutamid Androcur Cyproteronacetat trans Medikamente 

Guten Morgen, ich bin schon wach. :blobcatinnocent:

Ne ne, keine Sorge, alles gut. Es wurden bloß Rauchmelder und Funk-Heizungszähler angebracht.

Meine Mitbewohnerin hats richtig gemacht und blieb eiskalt einfach im Bett liegen. :meowSleeping:

Wünschte ich wär jetzt auf dem Mars, da sind kühle -60° Grad Celsius.

Über die fehlende Luft zum Atmen kann ich DA doch hinwegsehen.

Ähm :blobcatdead:

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So... warm... Hab Kopfweh, schwitze... Und muss bus fahren... I d by had yzzfdzzixzyut

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A friend of mine who teaches elementary school, taught her class, “don’t yuck my yum”

It was like a class mantra, all the kids knew and understood the phrase. So, if a kid brought a bean burrito for lunch, and another kid said “gross! I hate beans” burrito-kid could just say “don’t yuck my yum”

It became the perfect phrase when one student liked something another student hated it. Quickly, it moved from the tangible (food, smells, textures) to the intangible (music, religion, quality)

By the end of the year “don’t tuck my yum” was woven into the culture of the class. They actually used the phrase LESS by then, because yuckers would check themselves before tearing anyone down.

And that class of second graders moved to third, secure in the knowledge that it’s ok to love the things you love, even if other people don’t.

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