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And another thing!! blobsadleft should actually be :blobpensiveleft: because :blobsadleft: is the mirror of :blob_pensive: not :blobsad: !!!

Extremely pet peeve: blob_pensive has an underscore in it when all the other blob emojos don't and I keep typing it wrong
Petition to :blobpensive: instead

Early comic strips really have some difficult language
I don't think I got half the stuff from Calvin and Hobbes when I first read it when I was < 10 and I remember not at all understanding what "the plot thickens" meant in that one Garfield strip

ɪoɴcʜʏ :blobcatsip: relayed
ɪoɴcʜʏ :blobcatsip: relayed

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Ooooh VSCO look niiice
Too bad you can only sign up via app and too bad I can't self-host it

Having changed my avatar and being on masto without my glasses means repeatedly wondering who that brown blob on my timeline is—oh wait, that's my post

Me: I'm tired
Body: Go to sleep
Me: No sleep!! Only rest

I like Joseph as a name
You've got Jo, Joe, Jose, Jeph, Joey, Jo-Jo, Joss, Sephiroth the Merciless, Josef, etc.

I am a:
⚪ man
⚪ woman
🔘 internet person
Looking for a:
⚪ man
⚪ woman
🔘 new username

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ElementaryOS' is called Pantheon and can be installed elsewhere!!

Okay so maybe Openbox isn't so much a desktop environment than just... a window manager but
Specifically I love the Openbox + Tint2 + whatever else they put in BunsenLabs to made it feel squeaky clean (Compositor? idk what that is I've never messed with its settings) and I'd love to be able to conveniently dump that entire combination on any distro I happen to use
Also I've heard of other cool ones like ElementaryOS or that one where all the windows go away when you focus on one thing

I wish all the cool Linux distros out there with unique DEs made just the DE separately

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