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Duck typing more like uhhh Anatida typing

Subtoot about a subtoot about a subtoot about a subtoot (heretofore referred to as a sub⁴toot) Show more

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"In other words, identity is equivalent to equivalence."
Alright I'm done for the night I'm gonna go look at cute boys on Instagram or something

I'm reading the wiki page on sheaves and ok. I think I understand some of these words separately

Wtf are sheaves
I don't have enough math for this

What's this homotopy type theory stuff it sounds complicated but there's a whole PDF on it

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In case anyone every had any doubt about the fleeting and ephemeral nature of my interests.

On the other hand that means I'm gonna look up resources for learning about type theory weee

I've been reading through the Control.ST tutorial veeeery slowly and I think I'm gonna stop because it's... difficult but also a drudgery
Maybe it's because I'm more familiar with OOP but trying to encode things that naturally have state using these functional patterns feels artificial to me
Just use mutation, man

Fun fact: I've actually done this (with `rm *`) because I thought I was still in my `adb shell` folder when in fact the device had been disconnected at some point
Luckily I only had two uncommitted config files, but I feel like a real `rm -rf *` is imminent in my life

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← EVERYBODY here →
← is gay →

My threat model is me running `rm -rf *` in the root of my development folder where I have multiple unstaged changes

Confession: none of my takes are hot
If hot takes are loafs of bread hot and fresh from the oven then my takes are the slices of bread you had to shove in the freezer because they were getting stale and now you have to toast them to eat them

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In the app I'm working on, not on my phone in general