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Me: opts out of search engine index so people can't search for my toots on cybre.space

jimmy0010 said it and then made a poster

It turns out there are nineteen major bridges (so excluding the ones crossing the Annacis channel that you can plainly see here lol)

There's nothing quite like opening on your computer a photo you took on your phone and seeing instead of on your tiny tiny phone screen the photo in its fullscreen glory and just being like wow. I didn't know that's what it actually looked like
(This is from a month ago taken from the Pitt River bridge facing north)

Me on masto: I feel weird about hashtagging things
Me on insta: hashtags everything, @'s everyone, obnoxiously posts food
(CW: food)

For a moment I thought this was an art piece on gender before seeing the portapotties and realizing it's just a washroom sign

Profile pic is now this, for which I have no source

In BC, O'-'- is a legal name

New alignment chart
Health: Beneficial/neutral/harmful
Action: Voluntary/???/involuntary

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:blobcouple: is so simple but. so adorable. so endearing.

❌: ❌✅
✅: :blobcouncil:

I found the original Discord blobbois

I have to say, their :blobowo: is a lot more disturbing

lmao I forgot about that time last year I "came out" on Facebook by setting "Interested in: Men"
Basically no-one looks at it (except for me, I look at all the cute boys' About)
I can leave this up, nothing I haven't tooted about before