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ɪ⏣ɴcʜʏ @nonphatic@cybre.space

A few more photos, these are the last of the good ones I got
1: The floor lit up with this shape in between each set!!
2: Dramatic light above a piano Brendon (I forgot which song this was... not Dying in LA or Death of a Bachelor, what else features piano?)
3: an attempt at capturing

Opening acts: Arizona (the band, not the state) and Hayley Kiyoko (ICONIC)

I also had my seat upgraded bc I was sitting in the cheapest seats in the back and they had unbought seats in the front
Tbh I was gonna try to sneak in the front anyway, I love that they gave the seats away tho a thousand thanks
So here's a before/after of the view of the stage I had

The rest of my photos are just of the stage and they're p boring but here they are anyway
Don't ask me what songs these were during, I've completely forgotten (except 3 should be Girls/Girls/Boys and 4 is one of Saturday Night or Victorious)

Beebo 1: doin a sing (Dying in LA, I think)
Beebo 2: wearin all the pride and queer flags the audience three at him I love him so much
Beebos 3 and 4: bein sexy not wearing a shirt and wearing leather pants (he did the entire show in those pants wtf!! he did a backflip in Nicotine (I think.) in those pants!! wtfff)

The comic in referring to, I'm not just spouting nonsense, it's /meme/ nonsense

[Panel 1: dog with ball in mouth with words above: "pls throw??"
Panel 2: hand reaches towards ball, but dog frowns and goes "NO TAKE!!"
Panel 3: slight zoom in to dogs face with even bigger frown and words "ONLY THROW"]

I'm finally done theming my Lubuntu and everything is nice and dark and minimalist but look how cute my menu icon is!!! Yes it's the blob in the corner!!! It's so cute I'm gonna die

Wtf how does Instagram know I've looked up Staples recently?? I've only DDG'd for it and looked it up in Google Maps
How would it know what I've Google Map'd

My friend saw this targeted ad, incredible

angery florence and the error machine

yee a masto sticker bc why not

That is completely illegible on cybrespace with the transparent background so here it is with an actual background

idk what else to print as sticker lol

Stickers aren't very straight but that's ok bc neither am I

Baby cybrespace sticker, mouse for scale