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good news, everyone! the multiocular O is getting more eyes! ꙮꙮ

@nonphatic twelve eyes certainly makes more numerological sense in this context!

@nonphatic .........except i just realized that the current ꙮ has seven eyes not nine, and the new accordingly has ten not twelve -_-;

@nonphatic oh cool it got another eye on the inside


@nonphatic ...oookay? How tf do they expect that the old version, let alone the new version, would look on a 8pt font?

@nonphatic I checked the date on the errata and thought this was an April Fools' post for a minute but it's REAL LOL

@nonphatic interesting... now that it looks more kabbalistic, maybe it will get used more than just that once? 🤔 I still do like the old (mistaken) close-packed 6 around 1 version, it had a nice all-space-filling synergetic geometry to it. I hope the #Unicode folk can find it a home!

#cyrillicalphabet #серафими_мн҄оꙮ҄читїи҄

@nonphatic unicode: "we made this encoding to solve file encoding issues"

us: "and did you solve them?"

unicode: "no shit we added two new newline sequences and a bajillion forms of whitespace to make everything worse but look here's an O with eyes!"

@nonphatic fun fact: unicode has an actual character with breasts in it

it's in the emoji block to be fair but there's Unicode Standard Breasts for all the boys out there to be confused by

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