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I wonder what philosophy graduate students do
I know what they do if they study logic, but not any other branches of philosophy

"Why is there anything at all" is an open philosophical problem on the Wikipedia page. I don't think that's a solvable problem

That's kind of a silly problem to ask. It's not like the people who live in the nothing universe can ask why is there nothing instead of something because there is nothing and they can't exist

My philosophy is dismissing all open questions of philosophy as "that's a silly question. there is no use asking it"

New thread, I'm going to answer all the questions on the page here

Open problems in philosophy 

"The problem of universals refers to the question of whether properties exist, and if so, what they are."

Yes. The properties are the ones you define as relevant to your purpose. Next

Open problems in philosophy 

@nonphatic that's not what universals are


Open problems in philosophy 

@a_breakin_glass are they like Marvel's elementals

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