I wonder what philosophy graduate students do
I know what they do if they study logic, but not any other branches of philosophy

"Why is there anything at all" is an open philosophical problem on the Wikipedia page. I don't think that's a solvable problem

That's kind of a silly problem to ask. It's not like the people who live in the nothing universe can ask why is there nothing instead of something because there is nothing and they can't exist

My philosophy is dismissing all open questions of philosophy as "that's a silly question. there is no use asking it"

New thread, I'm going to answer all the questions on the page here

Open problems in philosophy 

"The problem of universals refers to the question of whether聽properties聽exist, and if so, what they are."

Yes. The properties are the ones you define as relevant to your purpose. Next

Open problems in philosophy 

"Related to the problem of universals, the principle of individuation is what individuates universals."

Having different properties. Things are equal based on the properties you find relevant. This is why we have an Eq typeclass. Next


Open problems in philosophy 

"Otherwise known as the "paradox聽of the heap", the question regards how one defines a "thing.""

According the properties you need. A thing is a thing when you need it to be a thing. Next

Open problems in philosophy 

"The聽mind鈥揵ody problem聽is the problem of determining the relationship between the human body and the human mind."

This is a psycho-biological problem best left to scientists. Next

Open problems in philosophy 

"Firstly, what are the criteria for聽intelligence? What are the necessary components for defining聽consciousness? Secondly, how can an outside observer test for these criteria?"

...okay I don't have a response for this one. Maybe I've been exposed to the AI-ists too much

Open problems in philosophy 

"The聽hard problem of consciousness聽is the question of what consciousness is and why we have consciousness as opposed to being聽philosophical zombies."

oh I wish I was a philosophical zombie
It's all evolution's fault

Open problems in philosophy 

"鈥楾he problem of demarcation鈥 is an expression introduced by聽Karl Popper聽to refer to 鈥榯he problem of finding a criterion which would enable us to distinguish between the empirical sciences on the one hand, and mathematics and logic as well as "metaphysical" systems on the other鈥."

There's no need. Next

Open problems in philosophy 

"What are聽numbers,聽sets,聽groups,聽points, etc.?"

Conceptual tools. Doesn't matter if they're more than that. Next

Open problems in philosophy 

"Are moral facts possible, what do they consist in, and how do we come to know them?"

The easy answer is no so my answer is: no

Open problems in philosophy 

"The question hinges on whether聽color聽is a product of the mind or an inherent property of objects."

I think physics has answered this question
The more interesting question is: do people experience colour the same? Do you see green the way I see green? And the answer is, as always: we will never know, so it's a silly question

Open problems in philosophy 

"if a man born blind, and able to distinguish by touch between a聽cube聽and a聽globe, were made to see, could he now tell by sight which was the cube and which the globe, before he touched them?"

There's literally real people to whom this has happened I'm pretty sure, but I don't remember what the answer was, but it was in my psych class

There's probably a lot of philosophical problems you could solve with a few decades of incredibly inethical human experimentation

Open problems in philosophy 

@a_breakin_glass @nonphatic Rookie mistake tsk tsk

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