My question is how come a year or two ago we were all shitting on "men's rompers" when rompers are legit kinda cute I mean like it's like a cute matching short-sleeve button down and shorts except they're connected! It's a romper! And it's cute af and I hate that we all dismissed some variety in clothing for whatever dumb-ass reason

Do ye know how boring men's clothes are compared to women's clothes?? And how weirdly-cut women's clothes are? Like come on gimme all those funky fun clothes but shaped properly that doesn't drape all weird on my shoulders and chest
I don't care if that means enforcing a gender binary in fashion or marketing separately to men, I want the cute clothes

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Oh my god I remember now. It's because they were called romphims and that's a dumb-as-fuck name

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Re the toot before this one, I speak boldly for someone who hasn't even bought overalls yet

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I'm glad overalls started out inherently unisex and we didn't have to invent some dumb shit like "broveralls" or whatever

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