You know maybe I just like the idea of rings and not what the ring means
I should buy myself a ring, I've been talking about that for a while

I will resist the temptation of boosting the entire thread of rings

I also like the idea of, like, stud earrings if that's what they're called, like a sort of solid-coloured flat round one, but I also don't have ear piercings lol

There's that dragon ear wrap I found on ThinkGeek a while ago that I really like

@nonphatic time to work on increasing the gauge of my piercing...

@chr it doesn't actually go through entirely! the tail detaches and it's a normal pin kinda piercing

@nonphatic the model has some kinda large hole thing going on tho

@nonphatic I love it! But my poor ear is hurting just looking at it. I can't even wear normal studs without them complaining...

It would almost be worth it

@nonphatic I gave my love that earring a few years ago! She loves it, but only wears it to special events as it's relatively heavy. But it gets a *great* response every time she does.

She also got a much smaller but similar dragon-through-the-lobe earring for her other ear.

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