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There are seventeen big bridges crossing bodies of water in Greater Vancouver and I have crossed nine of them
I'm halfway there
(There are also six tiny water-crossing bridges, seven pedestrian-inaccessible water-crossing bridges, and two suspension bridges that I won't be crossing this summer, because it would be either illegal or too small to be worth my time)

I've made a detailed list here hilb.ert.space/bridges-of-vanc along with some nice photos of the nine I've walked
Once I finish all seventeen I'll crosspost this onto my Medium blog

ᴊo ⏣ @nonphatic

It turns out there are nineteen major bridges (so excluding the ones crossing the Annacis channel that you can plainly see here lol)

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I have ten left to cross and nine of them are in Richmond lol
Richmond is faaar (and I could probably do all of them at once)

Eight, not nine
I can't count today
The others are Port Mann and Golden Ears, both also very far