I'm bored so I'm installing Mattermost but it turns out creating the image from the Dockerfile takes some time so I'm still bored

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An update: I left the house halfway through bc family went out (and I also went to a food truck festival) but I tried running the images as containers and it complained that I was using port 443 (HTTPS) because I was running, well, everything else, so apparently it comes with a server for the outside world
Idk if I want to spend the time to figure out how to use the Mattermost Docker image with Nginx, I might be doing other stuff today


I just got the ports wrong lmao


I can't decide on a url
If I can't finish deciding in an hour I'm gonna just go for


Now that I'm in and setting settings up and about to create a team I... don't know why I've done this
I don't need Mattermost
My family needs a stable, reliable way to chat and these are more important than privacy

well I guess I'll take it down lmao


Our family is neither large enough nor chatty enough to necessitate multiple channels lol

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