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The most surprising thing about being an adult is that I'm eating things that have fallen on the ground a lot more than I ever did when I was a kid

That's rich coming from me given that my first programming language was technically Racket

Also I had to look up the expression "that's rich" bc I forgot what the adjective was, I was so sure it was "that's golden"
English idioms generally suck anyway

tfw answering questions on Piazza instead of actually doing the homework that the questions are about

Surprisingly, if you reply to a toot but delete the @ then it doesn't show up in their notifications, but clicking on the toot still shows the reply being chained to the original toot
Makes sense, but... huh

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me: C has too many brackets
Python: *exists*
me: no not like that

I miss pattern matching

bless the people who have to implement compilers for languages with things like pattern matching

(I still have no idea how compilers really work btw)

Why doesn't C support default arguments

*reads stackoverflow.com/questions/14*

Why doesn't C natively support default arguments

Did something magically fix itself whilst I wasn't looking or did I just forget to make last time :thaenkin:

I have two music moods: happy indie pop and sad indie pop

Huh, clicking on connect to a device but the device being my browser worked
I guess I didn't pause it properly when I was using the app??

Why can't I play Spotify in Firefox anymore aaa

why is hexafriend a heptafriend

The unfortunate thing is that my dream did not solve the homework problem

I had a dream about my algorithms homework so I think it's time to take a break

Je dois vraiment dormir plus tôt pour que je ne me réveille pas si taaaaaard

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C'est important de le partager ici aussi (il y a le @ de la personne dans la première image) witches.town/media/jy9PUasQJXu witches.town/media/19rDxCJy5DA

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I still want a pair of japris (jean capris)