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I went to the library to get The Martian and came back with that and I, Robot, The Invisible Man, and Man in the High Castle
The sci-fi section is tempting

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Hmm I should read The Martian at some point
Then watch the movie and complain about it

Does two number nines with a number nine large refer to two medium number nines and an additional large number nine or two number nines in which one number nine is medium and one number nine is large

"I Could Walk Home But I'm Taking The Bus Instead Because The Walk Home Is Very Boring", an autobiography

This is my backup drive, or as I affectionately call it, TITOCOTFBTAFIDWTPOACBISCIAB, which stands for "This is the only copy of these files because these are files I don't want to put on a computer, but I'm still calling it a backup"

Ok I'm done using the wifi in the mall, time to go back out :blobcool:

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If user stories were like bad youtube videos Show more

When it's hot an sunny outside

I hate early busses
I can wait for a late bus but I can't catch an early bus now can I

Ok that's enough fiddling around with Bash, out I go!

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ls -l | perl -p -e 's/^([\-d])(.{3})(.{3})(.{3})/$1 $2 $3 $4 /'

This is ridiculous, I don't need to spend my time doing this cosmetic change, it's so nice out I'm going out

All the nice columning is gone too :(