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There's a song I wanna listen to. IIRC the video involves a bunch of little slips of paper

ah, yes, in an interview about rugby, it's totally expected that she would suddenly introduce this particular field as the first place she had a taco in

I'm laUGHING one of the training clips for Rev is about a woman in the rugby league in Goroko, Papua New Guinea and I had transcribed a bit as "had my first taco here" as if it was the most normal thing ever but the actual transcription is "had my first tackle here" L M A O

I don't quite remember what I opened my laptop to do before I ended up doing online quizzes

Because I'm on Mastodon and not really Tumblr or Twitter, I'm missing out a whole bunch of memes, and looking up "with the stated intention of" doesn't take me to a Know Your Meme page because it's not a meme outside of Masto

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