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FYI I do have an alt at @ionchy now and I will be importing all my follows eventually but for now I'm literally just adding ppl as they come up lol

Reminder that I'm moving to @ionchy
I'm also on @ionchy but that's for nerdposting

lookin forward to masto's first halloween


it's halloween!!!! 🎃 🦇 :witches_town:
happy halloween :dragnwitch:


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I feel like I always mix up the machinist and memento

Why is it called in shape/out of shape. What shape?? Fitness doesn't come in shapes


Penises are ridiculous, why do they exist and why aren't they retractable like those of the scaly guy in The Shape Of Water

The Shape of Water, a spoiler in emojis 

:kobold: 🌊🌊🌊
🥚🥄 〰〰〰
:kobold: :blobnomcookie:

I'm on and how cool does that sound

Percy Shelley sure liked cutting sentences in half across lines in this poem

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