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Pokémon Go thread 

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thread of words I think are NOT cool 

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ionchy's back on his indie pop trash 

Most people think pencil is for rough work and pen is for the final product but they've got it all wrong
If you write with a pencil, all mistakes are correctable. Any mistake you make had no excuse continuing its existence when you can erase it. There is immense pressure to create a perfect document when you have the ability to undo all errors. But a pen? If you make a mistake with a pen, you can only cross it out. And it happens. Mistakes happen, and when it happens once, there is no longer the pressure to write perfectly. You have been freed from the lofty expectations, come crashing down onto a soft bed of strikethroughs and ink blots. Writing in pen is a release into the wonderful chaos of life, and writing in pencil is to submit to the shackles of paper-based tyranny

I'm tired of simping. Why do I need to have emotions and longing and yearning and hxrny? I've got other things to do come on I'm busy

Thinking about the taxonomy of memes but probably someone in the humanities has done a far better job at doing it than I ever possibly could

PowerPoint parties look so fun I wish I could speak and didn't have anxious feelings about this sorta thing

Fire... science? There is fire science? Science of fire...

Miley Cyrus's cover of Head like a Hole is actually so good

ugh I WANT to go to an idkhow concert I WANT it

speaking of tiktok you know that trend of doing ghost photoshoots? someone on twitter posted a crowd of people dressed as ghosts but it looks like
it looks
it looks like
it's not good

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Whenever I hear Outerbanks I'm like one! two! three! GO!

You ever take a look at one of your bad behaviours and realize oh! This is something one of my parents does! Time to Undo and Not Do That

Illustrated eye contact 

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