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thread of words I think are NOT cool 

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ionchy's back on his indie pop trash 

ever realise how legendary pokemon don't have gender?

gamefreak called all non-binary peeps legends hell yeah

why is my university subreddit full of anime what happened

"Tracking Number: No tracking information available"

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What's that song that goes "I'll be back before you're goooone, you're gooooone, la la la, la la la, la"

Why is it so hard to catch dragon Pokemon in PoGo, it's the only gold badge I'm missing

I just stabbed myself in the post-extraction area with my toothbrush ouch

Me, opening TikTok: this is my emotional support government surveillance spyware app

I think
I just heard an orchestral cover of that "she's dancing like a stripper" song

Sure, mass isn't gonna change in a HS setting. The Lorentz factor is gonna be small in a HS setting. But it's about the Principle

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In HS I participated in physics olympics and we got shirts that read "may the mass times acceleration be with you" and I hate that we used m*a and not dp/dt as is rightful

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A lot of fishnets involved in grunge aesthetic for some reason

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