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FYI I do have an alt at @ionchy now and I will be importing all my follows eventually but for now I'm literally just adding ppl as they come up lol

> The world was changed into a sphere and the continent of Aman was removed, although a sailing route from Middle-earth to Aman, accessible to the Elves but not to mortals, persisted.

oh like that makes sense

idk what to do for dinner. I don't feel like doing anything particularly elaborate

oh B99 had their final season... I've watched all of the seasons except the lastest and last one lmao. should I watch it, I might as well right

My phone battery is dying. I've barely used it today and it's already a 8%


Looking up what kind of bread mold I ate and apparently it's called black bread mold

Want cofe but it's already 11:30 am... and also I'd have to buy it

The dryer says it's done in 3 minutes but I think the machine continually updates the timer based on how dry it senses the clothes to be so it's a liar

I heard a bloop but I can't see which acc it came from. who turgled

Food, tmi 

I may have just eaten an obscene amount of blueberries. Like a whole box of blueberries. I don't think I was supposed to do that. My poop is going to be interesting tomorrow morning

Lately I've been craving sugar. I think the reason is because I've been having too much sugar

Do you think they sell those metal water bottles at night markets
idk what kind of vendor would sell that

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I'm going to a night market tonight and I'm carrying my school bag which has laptop and it's heavy so I'm guessing I won't be around for too long but that's okay as long as I get to see all of the things I would like to see

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