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Tired: boys with abs
Wired: boys with abs, app, and var :blobhearteyes:

Ionization-type smoke detectors use a radioactive isotope of americium to detect smoke particles that interrupt a beam of alpha particles
(I think. I'll fact-check further later)

fun facts about the assassination of James Garfield:

- Charles Guiteau bought the nicest looking gun he could afford b/c he wanted it to look nice on display after he killed the President

-the guy who arrested Guiteau afterwards was so excited to be the guy who arrested the assassin that he forgot to take Guiteau's gun from him until they got to the police station

-navy engineers invented the air conditioner so that they could keep the president cool while they operated

this is me whenever i want affection and attention but don't want to do anything to get it :cryyo:

Tusky saying I've boosted a whole bunch of toots while I clearly haven't...

you flirting, a fool: [*]
me flirting, a genius: hinting to my crush that i want flowers by saying that actually its my refrigerator talking and HE wants the flowers not me

*i dont know what to put here sorry

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has anyone heard of this video game "super mario bros"? im stuck on the part with the brown mushroom that walks left

I think that's how they're referred to in the docs, I don't actually know if that's the general usage bc Google results don't give me anything specifically related

In Coq when an inductive type takes a type (polymorphically, like lists and whatnot) it's a "parameter" but when it takes a value (dependent-type-ly, like fixed-length vectors) it's an "argument"... hmm...

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