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French grammar thread 

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a thread of words I think are cool 

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My paper's on arXiv
It was rejected from CPP so I can't say anything fancy like "it's gonna be published at so-and-so!" or whatever but here it is!

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thread of words I think are NOT cool 

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ionchy's back on his indie pop trash 

minimalism? no. I hoard all the things. MAXIMALISM.

[spongebob theme song meter]

be thou ready, muse?
(o, lo, wise muse)
let me hear you
(o so wise muse)

of powerful creatures i sing to you now
(sky-borne dragons!)
they ride on the wind like the puff of the cloud
(wind-bound dragons!)
bring forth tales of magic and treasure to tell
(shining dragons!)
for legend and fable sing clear as a bell!

sing thee,
long-horn dragons,
tough-scale dragons,
sharp-tooth dragons,
be-hold, dragons!

spongebob squarepants intro is written in a dactylic meter with a solitary accessory syllable before each triplet of feet

it then breaks into what could be read as a trochiaic meter, or perhaps spondee, during the recitation of the protagonist's moniker

I wish things... looked nicer? felt smoother? I know every app has different developers but they're all, like, at the same level of clunkiness lol
But I can never tell /what/ is off... only that the Notes app can be better than it is currently, somehow

Honestly I think Nextcloud is trying to be too many things at once but they're all things I do use so, whatevs

Selfie :blobsunglasses: 

Despite having stared at these for a few months, somehow I mixed up "judgement" and "inference rule"
People usually just say either of those terms and then point vaguely at the thing with the big long bar

new profile name. ionchy BIG STEP to POPL 2020 (the big step is a plane ride)

It's not him lmaoo my prof doesn't have an eyebrow piercing and is less trapu than this guy, but they do have the same beard and tuque

I... think my logic prof just got on the bus and sat next to me
I can't see enough of him out of my peripheral vision but I'm p sure it's him

Someone is playing Elle Me Dit in a French classroom

We're not covering the incompleteness theorems in logic class :(

Guy on the train has his phone clock written in runes what the heck

ThinkPad Carbon X1 gen 7 no longer on as big a discount as during back to school/Black Friday/Boxing Day :(
When will I have to wait until for the next big sale

On one hand, I don't need to replace my laptop because I have a functional desktop and I don't take my laptop out with me very often, but on the other hand, I don't take my laptop out very often because it doesn't currently function very well as a portable machine

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