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ok I've dealt with some follow requests, hello new ppl you've made a poor decision in following me

Apparement les hiboux ont des petits oreilles ("égrets") tandis que les chouettes n'ont pas
Je savais pas les hiboux avait des oreilles lol

LB: tortoises and turtles are different species but oh my god what's the difference between hibou and chouette I... don't know

@dx some examples I could think of with french/english

I think it's interesting how some languages chose to focus on the differences and make it a big deal when others don't :p

If you can make as terrible a decision as pairing Natasha with Bruce then you can at least make one (1) avenger gay

Is it that hard to make a gay superhero or supervillain that we have to resort to shipping a guy with some alien slime is back which means I can delete all my Venom toots and repost them there

List of reasons to do things
• it's aesthetic
List of reasons to not do things
• it's rude

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