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Updated my map (removed Arthur Liang because it's not pedestrian-accesible, added Annacis Channel and Derwent Way because the body of water they cross is "major" enough) and updated my blog post with North Arm + Oak Street photos which I crossed today and added some descriptions hilb.ert.space/bridges-of-vanc
Eight more bridges to go! Four to Sea Island, one to Richmond, one on Annacis Island, one to Surrey, and one to Langley

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BROKE: slide into your DMs

WOKE: sᴄᴏᴏᴛ ɪɴᴛᴏ ʏᴏ' ᴛᴏᴏᴛs

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It would be neat to have like a wiki that gave histories for different instances and just the fediverse in general

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I once had a substitute teacher called Ms. Bosco and she was really good and definitely a millenial and I don't remember what she looked like so my brain's just replaced her with an image of Mae Martin

One of my favourite stand-up comedians from back whenever was Mae Martin and I wonder what she's doing now
Is it my own personal bias or are queer comedians just better :thaenkin:
Although I never really got into Margaret Cho

Can I learn how to sing lower
I mean I think you can voice train to get used to using a lower register of your voice but I don't think you can, like, extend the existing physical limits of your voice :thaenking:

I wish my voice was deeper so I could sing all those pesky deep parts in PatD songs I've got the high bits down pat with me and my ridiculous falsettos and I'm having fun with it despite how awful it sounds but I can't even reach the lower bits and it's *clenches fist* rrrrrr

Like "weirdly feminine limbs"?? I would've just gone with "weirdly gangly limbs" I mean

Some of this jokes are strangely almost sexist and haven't aged well (he once joked that Ocean's 11 with women would never work but here we are) but otherwise I think he's funny and v cute

Me: alright. tonight we are NOT gonna watch vine compilations
Brain: how about
Me: no
Brain: we watch
Me: no
Brain: John Mulaney
Me: ok

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mods are awake, post Calvin and Hobbes

I need that guy who read the article on mayonnaise to read more things

Aw fuck I spilt water on myself I can't believe I've done this

Lactose Intolerance, or Lactophobia,