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Alignment charts are true neutral and horoscopes are chaotic good

Alignment charts are just horoscopes for objects because anyone can go "<object with no inherent morality> is <alignment>" and you'll just go ah! I see how it fits! and start reasoning to yourself how it fits even if there is no true logic behind it

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It's /not/ cumulativity bc that's the thing where A <= Type i ---> A <= Type (i + 1)

what's that term in Coq where you can't have Type <= Type because it causes inconsistencies but you can turn it off with a flag

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guess which idiot boy wrote a function that calls itself endlessly
that's right it's this idiot boy

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Me: oooooh maybe I'll spend even more money on travel
Flight: is 14 hrs
Me: nvm

SPLASH '19 is looking for student volunteers
It's in Athens
Why is everything in Europe
It's so far

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