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hello im still alive, i just got a job, sry

anyway it's still snektember for a week or so

Do you have relatives listed in your contacts as:
1. The relation you call them by, e.g. you call them mom or mother
2. Your relation to them but not the one you call them by, e.g. you call them dad but they're listed as father
3. Their full name, e.g. John Doe
4. A nickname, e.g. parental unit, forebearer, The Rock
5. Not listed

I'm using my introduction as my research summary that's supposed to be 1 page but currently it's 1.5 pages so I gotta cut some stuff out, shrink the font and margins, do some black magick

After editing I have 7.5 pages out of 12 pages but I'm not half done yet :(

if recur is a verb then corecur is a verb too right

changing my flair on all subreddits to read "noot noot"

Now that we're in a world of internet interconnectedness and social media, finding the next Dalai Lama is gonna be really weird

someone: xox
brain: that means kisses hugs kisses
me: zocks hee hee

I'm trying to find a copy of Bruno Barras' dissertation "Auto-validation d’un système de preuves avec familles inductives" but I CANNOT
Everyone cites the French title so idek what to search in English

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