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My paper's on arXiv
It was rejected from CPP so I can't say anything fancy like "it's gonna be published at so-and-so!" or whatever but here it is!

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thread of words I think are NOT cool 

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ionchy's back on his indie pop trash 

Idk about trusting a newspaper quoting some random scientists but it seems like I was not the only one having weird dreams during quarantine

my school's CS department website is down lol rip

Why doesn't GitHub wrap lines for TeX files lol I cannot read this on the site

My undergrad thesis is now ~~open source~~
I mean. It's on arXiv, so it was open source in the first place, but now it's actually accessible lmao

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I wish they'd drive me to places. I don't have a licence

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Everyone else in my family is a hermit and it's awful because they're all fine with being inside for the entire day and I'm just like LET ME OUT, LET ME OOUUUTTT

There really is no convenient way of downloading all my Overleaf projects as git repositories then pushing them to new repositories on my server is there huh

I've been getting so much administrivial things done like labelling my binders and copying my POPL notes into a notebook and updating Gitea
I've been doing absolute no actual work

I suppose I should update my Gitea instance huh

I have the exact opposite energy. I am... hypo... break... hyoobreak

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