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my haters are always angling to trick me into falling asleep with my head on their lap. won't happen

Hawks Bnha is roughly 5'8", which means he's 3 inches taller than me.

I refuse to believe this. This guy is 5'6" MAX, short king or I riot.

I'm experiencing an extreme amount of envy for Hawks BnHA's eyeliner game

5am with no sleep on the day I have an appointment is Not the time to try some e-boy shit, but god I wanna

Another beautiful city sunrise, moon still visible in the sky. Sure wish I was not awake to see it!

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fortnite is the only video game i have ever seen where you can play as a trans catgirl and then get killed by master chief while sasuke does the macarena over your corpse

What a beautiful sunrise I wish I wasn't seeing!

People moving from site to site just magically expecting things to be different

WWWWWWWWW nvm I finally finished one of the short story drafts for the anthology 🌸 let's fucking goooooooo

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didn't end up getting any creative work done, but ended up talking to multiple (more than one!) friends today, so that's a pretty good day in my book

I just had a gay moment so strong that I'm nursing a headache from it ///

What if instead of needing to expend braincells I could just say "this is a drawing day' and a sketch or some colors would appear in my drawing canvas?

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What if instead of needing to expend braincells I could just say "this is a writing day' and 3k of words would appear in my writing doc?

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