Is MangaOwl just gone now?

Related question, but was I put on this earth just to suffer?

does anyone else randomly remember that part of when Kenma got really horny about having a knife fight with Hinata? Like he fantasized about it constantly?

@FirstProgenitor i mean who DOESN'T want to uncover the horrifying mysteries of a cyber dystopian island with your beloved hot boy death harem

It would be horribly embarrassing to fully come to terms with how dramatical murder shaped my sexuality

when people reblog my OC art on tumblr and put nice things in the tags... :teal_heart:

okay i've brought this up to a few people and no one has any idea what i'm talking about so i'm going to ask on public instead

does anyone know anything about a game that was... probably on the original game boy. i have a memory of that pea soup colour palette and an isometric perspective. you played as a wizard in a high fantasy world


there was something that you could rearrange the letters of (i think it was the list of spells you could learn? but i'm not sure) and if you put them in the right order, it spelled out a warning about predators in a nearby solar system developing ftl drives to start an interstellar war

and it had nothing to do with the rest of the game

does anyone know what i'm talking about

I'm making a sexy old man character for my story, because of course I am, but now I need an appropriate medical name for him.

I'm thinking maybe...Serratus

Me drawing the last one was like "nooo, don't turn into a marketable plushi—wait why did you become Funko pops"

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I find the subject of presentation really fascinating, especially with how people prioritize self expression and 'social success' or social convention.

No clue how to build a narrative around it yet, but hopefully one day.

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I think I'd love to write a story focusing on presentation someday.

I'd like to explore someone who grooms themselves in the way they can pull off best, regardless of whether it matches their self perception—someone who sees no connection between their identity and their body, and sees the latter as a tool.

They would be contrasted with another character that dresses purely for self expression, even if the clothes/etc that feel 'right' don't necessarily look good on them.

@FirstProgenitor I hope it means something similar to 'biblically accurate angel", meaning a woman who's just Really fucked up in a body horror way

I hope the five people I interact with and get interactions from know I love them

@FirstProgenitor new one definitely has more natural posture, much less stiff 👍

I tried some blackout poetry for the first time that I can remember. I got too into blacking out and messed up a couple times and I'm big mad about it. This is a page from a horrible bro workout book I got at a work white elephant a couple years ago. Image hidden for implied sexuality and transphobic slur.

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