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Lain fanart, drawn ec 

Hoping praying etc that I don't find any more reasons to reupload this again

does anyone else randomly remember that part of when Kenma got really horny about having a knife fight with Hinata? Like he fantasized about it constantly?

when people reblog my OC art on tumblr and put nice things in the tags... :teal_heart:

God bless doujinshi artists who imitate the original manga style when making hilarious porn

Yaoi manga panel 

Losing it at this one nipple poking through the panel border

I know it's just him pushing up his shades, but I always see this and think he's pinning up his bangs with a cute little bow

Pspspspspsps hey transmascs it looks like Lil Nas X and Grindr are giving away free cock—

the duality of Noiz just means that every now and then I see an image that re-invents my fursonas

this is so sweet in-game, but so extremely funny out of context

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