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a lot of fanartists do this to her too. No. Wrap her in a bundle of layers like she belongs. Let her be a nondescript rectangle.

and if you're going to draw her in form-fitting clothes, make it her being a cool kid like they do in the official art.

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doll ec (kinda. It's an anime figure) 

thinking about this Lain figure.

Objectively, it's a gorgeous figure. The hair, the delicate wrinkles in the clothing, the expression. It's beautiful. but it's not Lain. It's not my beautiful baby girl.

Lain Iwakura doesn't have much in the way of curves. She's a little stick of a girl. Even in her thinnest clothes (which are Not usually suctioned to her skin) there's nothing to look at. They sexified my child. For shame.

Drew some nerdcore fanart, because apparently that's something I do now

[going left-to-right, from the top: Bearbadi (Shwabadi's mascot), Freeced, Breeton boi, Valentyne, Gameboyjones]

BnHA 319, ec 

I think the most obvious sign that these kids are all united and Serious is the fact that Bakugou did up his tie.

Sleep is starting to drag me into it's reach but I want to draw more OC art....

in absence of an alternative here's a random piece of fanart I found on Google to illustrate how I feel.

turns out when I put filters on my x-rays it turns out Fucking Sick

Another beautiful city sunrise, moon still visible in the sky. Sure wish I was not awake to see it!

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writing drafts (cyberpunk 👀) 

me & my team have been working more on our anthology, and I am beginning to find Thematic Parallels between our android stories.

(cw for cybergore and nsfw text in the second one)

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