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these two are definitely dating for real and don't hate each other at all :sparkles_agender:

I unironically love how every single shoujo protag (and usually also the love interest) looks exactly the same.

This picture could easily be from 15 different series.

Drawn ec 

Also the Tenderness. Look at this smile, holy shit.

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Thinking about my OCs from the mecha menhera story (now cautiously titled Terminal Status) and their complicated web of relationships

want to see something awful? 

So someone dared me to do a closet cosplay

Me when I see a headcannon that's so obviously inaccurate but so fun

X-ray pics 

Told the chiropractor that I think x-rays are the coolest shit ever and she let me take pictures of mine 🙌

I love how you can see me understand proportions a little better with each consecutive drawing wwww

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